How to Capture the Best Photography this Halloween

From the scary painted faces to extravagant costumes, you’ll want to capture it all this Halloween. Learn how to make the most of this fantastic holiday!


Halloween is one of the best times of year to capture your finest photography. The bright burnt orange hue of candlelit pumpkins, a sea of extravagant costumes and scarily painted faces all combine to make a spectacular scene well worth photographing.

It could be that you’re hosting the Halloween festivities this year or you simply want to capture your kids’ creative costumes before they run off trick-or-treating. Taking the time to perfect your photography will allow you to create some fantastic memories to look back on in the years to come.

To help you and your family make the most of this fantastic holiday, I’ve partnered with the professionals over at The Case Farm to give you the best tips for creating haunting Halloween photos.


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