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Hi there!

Welcome to Nicola Says, which I guess you could class as a family lifestyle blog but is really just a place for my collection of thoughts and experiences to hang out.

I started this blog just after we (that’s me, Oli and our son Oscar) moved into our first family home as a way of documenting our lives together. Since then we’ve been joined by gorgeous little Ottilie who completes our team.

Here I’ll share my take on family life and my love for minimal homes, plus my journey towards a simpler life. You can head straight over to the blog to read the latest from us.


A little about me

Being a mum doesn’t define me but it is my favourite part.

I’m into photography and making websites pretty, but I’m a marketer by trade. My favourite things include listening to Oscar talk, pretty stationery, Game of Thrones and imagining my dream home. I like lazy, cosy evenings in as much as walking through country parks. A bit of a mix really.

Find out more about why I started blogging.

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The little ones

Oscar is 3 1/2 and loves all things cars, like his dad.
He’s really into puzzles at the moment and never sits still.

Ottilie is one year old and such a sweetie.
She’s a velcro baby who loves nursery rhymes and very noisy when she wants something!


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