5 Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom On A Budget

How to style your bedroom on a budget

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Deciding to refresh the look of your room is easily done. Finding the money to actually fulfil your décor dreams is another story.

All too often, a much-hoped for renovation cannot take place as the price of the materials or the workmen is too high for the budget to manage, even after some serious scrimping and saving. But all hope is not lost! Redoing a room, especially a bedroom, is still possible without incurring massive expenses. The best way to achieve a truly dramatic new look is by switching out your soft furnishings: your bedding, your throws and cushions and, of course, your curtains! Here is how to do it:


Natural Shades for Neutral Spaces

Curtains come in many shades and it can be tempting to pick out drapes in your favourite colour, or the strongest hue in your colour scheme. But this can be a mistake. Curtains have a surprisingly large surface area and there absolutely is such a problem as too much of a good thing! Stronger and brighter shades have more impact when kept subtle and used as notes rather than backdrops – so pick out curtains in softer or more neutral tones and see your décor transform into a beautiful and elegant haven of comfort.


Add a Colour Pop with curtains

If possible, get curtains that use all of your chosen décor colours – the two or three main colours around which the room is themed. By doing this, they will act as both focal point and note of continuity, drawing the eye to the colour scheme and also forming a visually pleasant cohesion with the colours elsewhere in the room. Reasonably priced cheap curtains and soft furnishings for any theme can be found at Yorkshire Linen.


The Long or Short of It Is…

Switch up the length of your curtains to drastically change the appearance of a room for the price – well, of a pair of curtains! Short curtains tend to add a practical and open air to a room, while floor length ones – especially those that puddle ever so slightly onto the carpet – tend to add mystery, cosiness and elegance. So if you feel your room is too babyish, lengthen your curtains, and if it is too enclosed or claustrophobic feeling opt for shorter ones!


Cushion the Colour

Throws and cushions are a brilliant and very cheap way to layer on textures into a room’s décor. Opt for accent colours and warm shades to make the room come alive in a very pleasing and rewarding way.


Ready for Bed

Add instant warmth to your bedroom by splurging on a set of bedding in a warm, vibrant colour like red or orange. Psychologically, we feel warmer when dressed in red, so it makes sense to make our bedroom feel even more comfortable and welcoming by adding touches of gorgeous crimson or scarlet to add some heat to our décor. That it looks fabulous is only a bonus!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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  • These are really great tips, thank you so much Nicola! Renovation can be very expensive, especially when you have a lot of other money worries. I have actually recently moved to the Devon area and I am loving it! Our house is beautiful, but we’d like to make the decor our own and it’s always great to get some budget renovation tips.