7 Life Changing Reasons To Declutter Your Home

Curious? These are my top reasons to declutter your home

7 Reasons To Clear The Clutter

Our home’s been looking less than tidy for a couple of weeks now. We went on holiday, then got hit by illness and I spent a weekend away at a conference. All that combined meant that tidying things away wasn’t a priority.

That was something I thought I was okay with, but actually when I stopped and paused I realised that the environment we live in has a huge effect on how we feel, act and what we achieve.

When our home is organised and we’re on top of the paperwork, cleaning and clutter I feel much calmer and more inspired. It’s easier to grab the laptop and get cosy at the dining table for a writing session if you don’t need to clear away the post and discarded toys first, after all.

That’s not the only benefit from having a clutter-free home – I’ve shared some of my favourite reasons to declutter your home below.

7 Reasons to Declutter Your Home


Makes cleaning quicker

If you find cleaning to be a chore or have limited time (don’t we all?) then this is a major plus point. Reducing the amount of items we keep on surfaces and decorating our home means less objects to pick up, move, clean and re-organise. It’s much quicker to give the dining table a daily clean if it’s not home to yesterday’s forgotten objects, and window sills are easily freshened up if there’s no ornaments to move first.


Reduces stress and anxiety

One of the happiest outcomes for me personally is that having a tidy, clutter-free home has an overwhelmingly calming effect. My stress levels and anxiety are always lower when my living spaces are clear – freeing me from that guilt you get when you know the post needs dealing with or there’s a stack of dishes waiting to be washed. If you find yourself feeling stressed or weighed down see if you can take a few moments to declutter your home, even if it’s just a corner of a room, and see if it brings you some calm.


Makes you a more conscious shopper

Knowing what you have and heading towards a life with less ‘stuff’ means that you’re more conscious and intentional with what you buy. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve bought the kids a jacket only to look in the washing basket, their backpack and the car and realise they don’t need another at all. Owning less and putting things where they belong contributes to a better sense of what we need or don’t need. A bonus from this is that you should see a healthier bank balance too, thanks to not buying items you don’t need.

I’ve written a post about keeping the kids’ wardrobe/closet organised and minimal, if you’re interested. 


Helps you become more organised

Putting things where they belong and not letting them clutter your home means that it’s easier to stay organised and on top of things. No more wondering whether you’ve paid that bill (because you’ve actioned it, then filed the bill away) or wondering where your keys are (on the hook instead of hiding underneath a coat, two books and five lovingly-made kids paintings). If you’re trying to become more organised, especially if you’ve got a busy family or lots of commitments, living a clutter-free lifestyle definitely helps.

If you’re looking for another way to stay organised, you might want to try a bullet journal – they’re practical and easy to personalise.


More appealing to look at

If you love the way a minimally-styled home looks then this is another reason to reduce the clutter. Alongside the appeal of how a simple, focused sideboard looks there’s the added benefit that removing the clutter helps you figure out your own style – and it’s easier to choose pieces that you’ll love to look at every day. Even if you don’t go down the minimal route, removing clutter means you can show off your treasured possessions and photo frames without anything getting in the way.


Saves time

If you declutter your home you’ll save time when it comes to cleaning but it’s much wider than that. You’ll save time spent looking for things you need for work that day or the school run, plus if you keep your surfaces tidy there’s no tidying to do when you get home from a long day. As a busy parent I love anything that saves me time, leaving me more of it to spend with the kids.


Allows creativity to blossom

A tidy, simple home gives you plenty of space to explore your creativity. If you’re a fellow blogger, creative or business owner then this could have a big effect on your productivity and the quality of your work. I know that I struggle to write if there’s clutter on the desk and taking product photos becomes a chore if you need to tidy the room first. Eliminating as many barriers as possible to creativity and working productively is so, so rewarding.


So those are some of MY top reasons to clear the clutter, but I’d love to know why you keep your home tidy and organised or why you think it’d help if it’s something you’re aiming for.


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