7 Ways to Transform Your Hallway

How to transform your hallway

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Our hallways are often the first room we encounter when we step inside our homes, but one of the last we truly make our own.

Today I thought I’d share some ideas on how you could transform your hallway or entrance way, whether you have a big renovation project coming up or want to add some small design touches.


1. Repair and repaint

If your hallway is looking a little tired, a great way to make it feel more ‘done’ is to repair, refresh and repaint!

Our entrance way and hallway is in need of some TLC, so we’re going through and making small repairs, smoothing down the walls and finally repainting it in a lovely, bright white. It’s really changing the space from a dark shoe dumping ground to a bright and welcoming space.


2. Invest in a new staircase

This is more for you if you’re planning a big renovation project and focusing on the hallway. A staircase that makes you say “wow” can make you smile every time you come home. I don’t know about you but with two kids we’re up and down the stairs all day, so while it can be a big investment it’s something you’ll use (and love) every single day.

If you are planning a renovation, you can buy contemporary staircases from stores like Fontanot Shop and find something that suits your style and decor. By the way, if you’re planning a garden project instead they also sell external staircases uk


3. Change your flooring

If a new staircase is out of your budget but you want to make a big change, how about changing your flooring?

At our old place we had carpet in the hallway which really didn’t work for us with a young family, so when we moved house one of the first things we did was lay laminate flooring across the ground floor. If laminate flooring isn’t for you, there are lots of beautiful tile floors and hardwood floors around that are not only practical but stylish too.


4. Bring the outdoors inside

There’s something magical about the way that plants and flowers can transform a space. You could have the most minimal room that almost looks bleak, but adding a plant or three brings it alive.

An easy way to bring that outdoor feeling inside is through adding small, green plants that are easy to care for. We’ve opted for succulents and a rubber plant so far – both of which don’t feel difficult to care for and, the rubber plant especially, really changes the way our room feels. In a small space like a hallway, adding a few plants really transforms it.


5. Add a sideboard or storage

If your hallway’s wide enough or there’s space to, adding a sideboard or storage turns it into a functional room instead of a thoroughfare.

Our downstairs hallway is really small and is mostly used for storing shoes, so we’re planning to add a storage bench and coat rack to keep it tidy and add some interest. If you have a long, wide hallway then a sideboard can work really well and means that there’s somewhere to keep your keys, post that’s just arrived and other essentials.


6. Add a mirror

What’s better than a beautiful sideboard? A mirror above it!

Adding a mirror to your hallway can make it feel so much bigger and more open, and it’s incredibly practical too. I’m always nipping up to the bathroom to check my hair and make up before leaving the house, so having a mirror in the hallway would solve that easily.


7. Display some photos or artwork

Seeing as we’re in and out of the house all week, it’s a great place to display photos and other artwork.

If you do have a sideboard or storage in your hallway, framed photos can really add something to them and make your space so much more personal. If your hallway is smaller and you don’t want to introduce new furniture, how about a gallery wall featuring artwork or posters that you love?


What would you change about your hallway, if you had the chance? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)

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