Behind The Blog

Nicola Says is a blog dedicated to the journey of creating a happy, organised and fulfilling home and life

About The Blog

Nicola Says started as a personal diary after moving into our first family home – documenting moments, talking about parenting milestones and recommending my favourite products and brands.

Over time this blog has been on a journey with me through a second pregnancy, moving house, becoming a freelancer and finding my way as an individual. It became less about me and my children and more about documenting the journey that I’m on towards a fulfilling life.

These days, Nicola Says is home to content covering parenting and family lifehappy homes and simple living, as well as features on running a business and work/life balance.

My ambition is to grow this blog into a destination for other parents looking to create a life that works for them through balanced living, a business or career they love and a home that makes them happy.

About Me

Hi, I’m Nicola!

I’m a blogger and social media specialist. I’m also a parent of two under five, which means our house is noisy and full of life and things, no matter how much decluttering we do.

We live in beautiful Devon and I always feel lucky to be able to call this my home. I love the sea air, the country parks and the way everything’s calmer than living in a city.

When I’m not writing blog posts or taking photos, I can usually be found building train tracks in the kids’ room or planning yet another trip to the garden centre.

My Journey

Growing up I lived a life hidden away and avoiding 99% of situations, thanks to social anxiety. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and moved through life with little direction.

The first small changes happened when I started work, became more confident and discovered my passion for creating content. Another huge step forward was embracing the confidence that you need as a first-time parent, after the birth of my son in 2013.

One of the biggest turning points has been the realisation that it’s within our power to make change happen. I realised that we don’t have to stay the same person we once were. We’re allowed to adapt, to grow, to find ourselves and to create the kind of life we want to live.

This realisation has inspired me to seek out habits and ways of being a better person and parent, starting with making our home somewhere that’s organised and a place to relax and enjoy. I’m also working on my self confidence and reaching my own business goals.

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