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Bepanthen bedtime challenge - Autumn bedtime routineBepanthen bedtime challenge - Autumn bedtime routine

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This month BritMums in association with Bepanthen encouraged us to share an insight into bedtime and how products like Bepanthen can make it better. I thought I’d take you through how bedtime looks in our home, from evening to goodnight kiss.

Now that Autumn is creeping in we seem to spend more time indoors. Well, even more than we already did with a refluxy newborn. When it’s raining outside it’s tempting to stay inside all day. Sometimes we head out for a walk in the country park or pop into the pet store while we’re running errands, but some days do call for a cosy afternoon in.

When it’s wet and windy outside we love to be cosy and warm at home. Everyone sleeps in a little, the day seems to move slower and we’re all a bit sleepy. That doesn’t last long with an almost three year old and soon it’s time for everyday chaos.

Oscar can become really restless without something to do, so on days like this our activity box is our best friend. Full of colouring books, crayons, art supplies and puzzles, it’s full of items to keep him entertained. For a good few minutes at least.

Today’s activities include drawing shapes for daddy on paper plates and sticker fun. With a pale carpet it took me a while to come around to embracing messy play, but with a few well placed mats and good old teaching him ‘no’ it’s becoming one of our favourite things to do together.

Bepanthen bedtime challenge - Autumn bedtime routine

After ‘making round and round’ with crayons we settle into one of Oscar’s favourite things to do – playing with cars. He loves driving his cars along his play mat, role playing them filling up at the petrol station and going through the car wash.

Soon it’s time for dinner and one of the only real battles of the day. Our boy’s a really fussy eater and even though I’ve served him something I know he’s keen on he’s refused it. In the end he has a snacky dinner of toast, yoghurt and fruit bites and we move on to bath time.

We fill up the bath and in hops Oscar, who gets busy splashing and chatting away to daddy. He’s always really talkative but bath time seems to be one of his favourite times of the day to tell us all about what’s going on. Today we indulge in a longer soak than usual but it’s soon time to hop out.

Bepanthen bedtime challenge - Autumn bedtime routine

It always surprises me how much littler he looks when he’s all snug in a hooded towel. The baby ones are small on him so I’m on the lookout for a bigger one for his birthday. (If you can recommend one I’d be so grateful!)

Before we can get all cosy in pyjamas it’s time for ‘nappy time’. As part of the challenge I was sent a sample of Bepanthen* which I’ve been using at bedtime for a week or two. It seems to be doing a good job of warding off nappy rash, which means a happy, comfortable kid. On goes the nappy – we’re not quite at potty training yet – and PJs.

Bepanthen bedtime challenge - Autumn bedtime routine

Next it’s the routine of vitamins and brushing teeth. He loves to help brush his teeth but sometimes fights us when we want to do it properly. Then it’s time to pick out a book for a bedtime story – something we’ve only really got into recently but is one of my favourite parts of the day.

Oscar chooses The Gruffalo – one of his favourites – and we settle down on his bed to read. Sometimes we manage the whole book but today a few pages are all he can concentrate on. He climbs into bed, we say goodnight and exchange kisses.

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  • Great post! Sounds the same as kier with the tooth brush! He doesn’t like when I have to help him brush properly haha! Gruffalo is Kiers fave too! X