Creating A Space To Play

We moved house back in December. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of DIY, making decisions and things to do. The last few months have been so busy and there’s no sign of stopping.

The good news is I’ve left the moving house bubble and I’m firmly back in the real world (hurrah!). Now it’s time to start gaining some of that time back for play 👍

We’ve always used the kids’ room as a bedroom and playroom, and in our new home it’s no different. At the moment it’s a work in progress (hence the walls!) but one day soon it’ll be their sanctuary and their play space rolled into one.

I’m so excited to get started on their room and love that now Oscar’s a bit older he can tell us what he’d like. At the moment I’m thinking of keeping the walls white and bright, the furniture light and adding in some bright, colourful accessories. I’m finding it so hard to pin one idea or theme down though – it feels like it’s such a big decision to make, especially as they’ll be sharing for a good few years.

There’s some way to go before we make any decisions on paint colours or start building shelves, but I’m enjoying the planning. It’s one of the spaces (along with our garden) that I’m the most excited about redecorating. We recently moved some of their toy storage upstairs, put up their wardrobe and built their new bookcase too. It’s starting to feel more like it’s their world, which I love.

It’ll take time for their room to come together, but for now it’s our favourite place to hang out and play. ❤



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How we're creating a play space in the kids' bedroom this year.

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  • I am sure they don’t mind how long it takes for you to decorate it – they clearly love the space anyway! It’s going to be a lovely room when it’s done x

  • Thinking of a new scheme for a shared room is SO hard isn’t it?! We’re literally just looking at changing the twins’ room. They’ve had the same nursery style room since they were born — and they turned 5 last week so it really IS time for a change! I keep going backwards and forwards with colourschemes and styles — I’ve been given an ‘outer-space/superhero’ theme by the boys!! No pressure!!! ;) Thanks so much for linking up lovely! Caro xx #HomeEtc