My Everyday Routine At Home With Two Kids Under 4

My everyday routine as a stay at home parent / work at home parent

I’m always so interested to read what everyone’s daily routine is like, especially when it comes to morning and bedtime routines. We’re not a hugely routine-led family and tend to do things as we go along rather than at set times, but I thought I’d share what my days usually look like when I’m at home from work (I work 3 days a week, the rest of the time I’m at home with the kiddos). I’ve mostly left times off because it varies a lot depending on what time the kids wake up.


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The baby wakes up

This is usually around 6-7am. Ottilie wakes up with a cry and sits up in her cot to let us know she wants to come out. I pick her up, bring her into bed with me and she has a feed and a cuddle. Sometimes she’ll fall back asleep (and I get an extra hour to myself!) but usually we’ll stay in bed for an hour or so before getting up for the day.


Time to get the toddler up

Sometimes Oscar’s awake at this time, other times I need to wake him – it depends whether he’s been up playing in the night. I pop Ottilie in her playpen in the lounge while I get her big brother ready for the day. I’ll then let Oscar play in the lounge while I prepare breakfast.

My everyday routine as a stay at home parent / work at home parent

Breakfast time

Our favourite meal of the day! I usually make toast with fruit for both of them (Oz always leaves the fruit – he’s a fussy eater), but sometimes we’ll have pancakes, brioche or porridge. Ottilie LOVES her fruit, especially berries, so I try and make sure there’s always some fresh fruit at breakfast.

I’m not a huge breakfast person so I’ll eat later, and while the kids eat breakfast I’ll usually catch up on emails or sit and chat with them.

After breakfast I’ll give Otti a bath while Oscar plays quietly, then we all settle down in the front room together.


Mornings are for play

Between breakfast and lunch we spend most of our time camped out on the floor in the front room. We have plenty of toys in here (mostly Otti’s) and play together until we feel like moving on to something else. Passing the ball back and forth is usually a hit, and they both would play with cars ALL DAY if I let them.

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Stopping for lunch

I usually make what I call ‘snacky lunch’ on my days at home with the kids. It’s easy to put together, quick to prepare and means they get a nice variety of foods throughout the day and week. Oscar’s a very fussy eater so I try and balance foods I know he’ll eat (like a jam sandwich) with new foods or ones I’d like him to start eating (like fresh fruit). Otti eats everything I put in front of her which is such a joy.


The boring stuff

After lunch is when I try and tackle all the things that need doing around the house, like the washing up, putting clothes away and tidying away clutter or cleaning. I say try because it doesn’t always happen and completely depends what kind of mood the youngest is in.

I pop Otti in her playpen with her favourite toys (like her baby dolls) with some music on and get Oscar’s toy cars out for him to play garages and racing in his bedroom. I check in on them and chat while I’m washing up from the day so far or hanging out washing, getting as much done as possible. I find if I don’t make time to do these things throughout the day I sit there in the afternoon fretting that I haven’t achieved anything, trying to do the chores and balance entertaining them at the same time – which is impossible.


Feed time

There are some days where all Otti wants to do is feed (we’re just past one year of breastfeeding), which is fine – if a little frustrating! She’ll always have a feed right around now though and with any luck she’ll fall asleep and transfer into her cot for a nap. I’d say this happens about 40% of the time as she’s terrible for waking, crying and then being wide awake.

At the same time Oscar will come and play in the front room with his cars, sticker books or watch one of his faves (currently Blaze and the Monster Machines) on TV while I try and settle his sister. Once she’s asleep it’s our time to play together, chat, read and have some time where it’s just the two of us. I love being a mum of two but these moments are so valuable, so I try and steal a few wherever I can, especially as Otti has always been such a clingy/dependent baby.

Play time again

Once the littlest is awake again it’s back to playing together in the front room. I must admit we usually do the same things every week, so I’d love your ideas on indoor activities for 3 ½ and 1 year olds!


Dinner time

Somewhere between 6-7pm we’ll sit down for dinner together at the table. We never used to do this (the dining table used to be a dumping ground for things that needed putting away) but now that we do I love it. Some days we’ll have a super quick dinner, other times we’ll have a roast dinner, pasta bake or pizza. I’ve found mealtimes less stressful and that Oscar’s eating more since we all started eating together and having a family meal, so I’m hoping it’ll continue to encourage him to try new foods.


After dinner it’s bath time before getting all ready for bed. That’s teeth, a drink, PJs on and goodnight cuddles and a story. Does anyone else find brushing their one year old’s teeth a battle? I’ve started doing Otti’s while she has a bath and she puts up a little less resistance that way.

With Oscar we have a bedtime routine and always finish with a goodnight kiss and ‘sweet dreams’. Our daughter’s another story – she’ll be ready for bed, have a feed and either happily go down to bed or be up until 1am wanting to roam around and play.

What usually happens is that we’ll watch TV together in the front room and I’ll try and get her all cosy and sleepy, and on a good night she’ll go to bed at 9-10pm so we can finally watch a movie and actually hear it without babbling/crying/shrieking. Most nights at the moment though it doesn’t happen and I’m still sat with her at midnight, she’s rolling around on the bed laughing and I’m predicting a night of three hours’ sleep. Zzzzz.


Throughout the night

My day doesn’t end when the kids are asleep (unfortunately). Although she eats lots throughout the day she loves a feed and cuddle, so Otti wakes at least once a night – sometimes three or four times. There’s the rare night she’ll go to bed at 11pm and we all wake up at 6.30am and I feel like a new woman, but they’re few and far between.

And then, of course, once it’s 6.30am the next day starts all over again.


What does your day look like?

Nic x


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My everyday routine as a stay at home parent, work at home parent and blogger

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