The First Birthday In Photos

Trip to Paignton Zoo

Today I thought I’d share a photo diary of Ottilie’s birthday.

Nic x




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I might’ve had to Google ‘baby eating wrapping paper’… luckily she’s fine!

Does anybody else’s little one do a funny frowny-smile? It’s one of my favourite faces

Lunch time at the zoo! The kids both had a box meal with a sandwich, treat and drink. This little guy polished off his cake and his sister’s yoghurt.

It was a bit cloudy but I’m SO glad we packed our SnoozeShade*. I love this thing, it’s incredibly useful. It’s a safe, cool way of keeping the sun off babies in pushchairs and I wouldn’t be without mine in the Summer.

Considering he tells me giraffes are his ‘favourite’ this was Oscar’s reaction to pretty much every animal at the zoo. He’s nearly four but clearly very much a threenager.

His amazing t-shirt is from H&M by the way – I think I’ve discovered a new colour I love on him. I can’t find it online to link to it but it was in the sale section, so be quick if you want one. While browsing I’ve just spotted this one which I think is a YES considering how much he loves a bit of Bieber at the moment.

When did he start looking so grown up?!

If you’ve ever been to Paignton Zoo before you’ve probably looked into this enclosure many times and never seen a thing. I know I have. Imagine my surprise when we finally spotted the Cheetah!

One day I’ll get a nice family photo…

Trip to Paignton Zoo

We love this bridge in the Lemur Wood. I say we, this kiddo clung to my hand like nobody’s business.

Back at home we enjoyed some cake (that’s a My Little Pony number with glittery icing!) and sang Happy Birthday. Despite being a blogger I’m actually terrible at recording milestones but I do have us singing Happy Birthday to Otti on her first birthday on video, and it’s one of those things I’ll love forever.

We took her to the zoo, fed her cake and helped her open her cards and presents. She loved the envelopes but by far the winner was her new baby doll. She was absolutely over the moon when she unwrapped it and ignored everything else in sight. I love when you discover something they truly enjoy, it’s like watching magic unfold.

Happy first birthday Ottilie, we had the best day ♥

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