Friluftsliv, Open Air Living & Your Home

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Exploring the concept of friluftsliv and open air living at home

We’re all familiar with how popular ‘hygge’ was recently – that feeling of being cosy, contended and happy. Or maybe you fell in love with the concept of ‘lagom’, of having ‘just the right amount’ and balanced living. This time friluftsliv is having its moment.

Friluftsliv is Norwegian and Swedish concept and refers to open air living, spending and enjoying time outdoors. While we loved the warmth of hygge in Winter, this feels like the perfect outlook to embrace through Summer and Autumn.

Today, in collaboration with Festive Lights, I’m sharing a few ways you can bring this open air living feeling indoors and some outdoor living ideas too. 🌿


Can you bring ‘open air living’ indoors?

I think the answer’s yes! I love the concept of spending more time outdoors – exploring, enjoying the breeze and being active, but that’s not always possible for everyone. Still, we can all enjoy some friluftsliv in our homes by introducing a few elements.


Plants and greenery

The world is full of a rich array of plants, flowers, nature and wildlife. It’s time to bring some of that indoors, and what better way to start than by building your own collection of houseplants. Whether you group all of your plants together in one space to create an indoor garden, or they’re dotted around your home, indoor plants are a wonderful way of transforming your space.

My favourite indoor plants are the rubber tree, pilea and, my newest addition, the beautiful stromanthe sanguinea.

A light feature that embodies the spirit of friluftsliv


The right lighting

I find that lighting always sets the tone of a room and that the right lighting can really change a space. It’s something we don’t always think about when planning a room or redesigning our space, but it’s an important part of how we feel when we’re using it.

To create that outdoor living vibe indoors, you could introduce some fairy lights or festoon lights from Festive Lights. I love this Nordic inspired frame light, which would look lovely on top of a fireplace or on a bookshelf in your home office. If you have a small outdoor space like a balcony, porch or patio, adding some outdoor lighting can really transform it into somewhere to enjoy day and night.


Changing our diet

Another way to bring friluftsliv indoors is through your diet. Be inspired by the outdoors and nature and introduce more plant-based meals, or maybe go on a fishing trip and make a meal with your catch. You could also think about starting your own vegetable patch, growing herbs indoors or looking for local food producers to support and shop from.

There are some more great ideas for a friluftsliv-inspired diet in this article from Business Insider.


Outdoor living inspiration

For when you can get outdoors, there are so many ways to connect with nature and enjoy the time outside. Whether you’re looking to relax and watch the clouds go by, or try a new adventure like hiking or kayaking, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some ideas on how you could explore and enjoy nature:

  • Go for a walk in your local area – whether that’s around the neighbourhood, to a local country park or on the beach
  • Plan a BBQ with friends and family and stay out late talking, making plans and watching the stars
  • Try a new adventure sport, like kayaking or mountain biking
  • Volunteer and take part in activities organised by your local country park, woodland or garden
  • Spend at least some of your week outdoors, whether that’s playing, cooking, eating or travelling

For those of us with children, these are some great ways to involve them:

  • Join a club like Nature Detectives from The Woodland Trust, and use their spotter sheets on a walk
  • Create an area in the garden for outdoor crafts and play
  • Go camping together as a family


Are you inspired to bring friluftsliv into your life?

I’d love to know what you’re thinking and your ideas on how to spend more time outdoors, or how to bring that feeling back into your home. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to embrace friluftsliv this year.


Photography by Irina Kostenich and Festive Lights. This post is in collaboration with Festive Lights using information provided from a press release.

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