6 Ways to Include Haircare in Your Self Care Routines

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Want to find a way to include haircare in your self care routine? Here are six ways to do just that!

Self care is really having a moment, and that’s something I’m so on board with. We really don’t give ourselves enough time or energy, especially as a parent or if we’re juggling lots of demands. As the sayings go, we can’t pour from an empty cup, so time to fill yours up. 🥛

Today, in the spirit of taking care of ourselves, I wanted to share six ways you can feature haircare in your new self care routines.

If we’re feeling low or tired, our skincare, beauty and our hair often suffer for it. It can be hard to want to spend our energy on creating elaborate hairstyles if we’re staying at home all day, but there’s a moment in here for all of us – even if it’s just an extra three minutes in the shower putting a conditioner through our locks.


Book a haircut

This might be one of the most expensive ways to look after our hair, but for some of us we wait a long time between cuts and can almost need an ‘excuse’ to treat ourselves to a new cut. Here’s your encouragement to do it ‘just because’.

Whether you’re booking in to your local salon for a trim or experimenting with a new salon and a new ‘do, visiting the hair salon can feel like such an indulgence. For those hours that you’re there don’t feel guilty about what you could be doing instead, try and relax, be in the moment and remind yourself that taking care of yourself and treating yourself is an investment in your health.


Try a new, luxurious shampoo

There’s something so nice about a shampoo that feels luxurious and leaves you with soft hair. If you’re struggling in other areas of your self care and your daily shower feels like a real mission, this could be the thing that changes that for you (along with an equally luxurious shower gel!).

We all have different ideas of what luxury is, but for me it’s a shampoo that lathers the way the salon ones do and smells gorgeous. They don’t have to be expensive to feel luxurious, with my current favourite (Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Shampoo in Bombshell Blonde) costing just £3.50. It’s more than I’d usually pay for a shampoo, but it’s not in the same league as salon favourites.


Create your own morning or evening routine

When life is busy, chaotic or challenging it can become overwhelming and our routines can go out the window. We can become the last person on our minds and time runs away from us. Creating your own morning or evening routine can go a long way towards creating a week that feels that little bit brighter, healthier and fulfilling.

It can be as simple as setting your alarm for the same time each day, followed by a shower (with your new shampoo), a good breakfast and a few minutes to yourself. If you’re a parent to young children (like me!) you might find it easier to start an evening beauty, skincare and hair routine instead – creating your ‘me time’ after the kids are in bed.


Learn how to create a new hairstyle

We often think of hairstyles as something to reserve for ‘days out’ or special occasions. I know I’m guilty of just throwing my hair up in a messy bun (and I mean messy) and getting on with my endless to-do list of jobs around the house. You know what though, who’s to say that a random weekday isn’t the perfect time to try a new hairstyle?

One of my favourite sources of hairstyle inspiration is Pinterest. Pop a search term in and you’ll find lots of beautiful photos as well as how to guides on how to create fishtail braids, beachy waves and more. I do find that perfecting a hairstyle takes a lot of practice, so don’t give up if your first try ends up looking a little different to how you thought it would.


Take steps towards bigger haircare goals

Sometimes there might be barriers in the way of us embracing and enjoying our hair. You might be going through a period of hair loss after having a baby, or you or your partner might be struggling with age-related hair loss. It might even be that your hair feels damaged or with uneven colour, and you want to achieve a new look over time.

Often there are solutions to our hair worries, but they might be something that we need to save up for or book a consultation about. If you’re considering a hair treatment, like those offered by Harley Street Hair Clinic, the first step might be booking in that consultation appointment to talk through what you’d like to achieve. A consultation is also the perfect first step if you’re making a big change with your hair colour or style, and most salons will be happy to sit down and chat with you free of charge.


Compliment others on their hair

Okay, so this one doesn’t involve your own hair but that feel-good moment and exchanging smiles over a compliment is good for our health and self care.

If you’ve noticed that a colleague has changed their hair and it looks great, tell them! The same goes for friends, family and anyone else you might meet. If you’re feeling brave, telling a stranger you love their hair in a thoughtful, genuine way could mean the world to them on a bad day. It’s the little comments that make us smile, after all.


When was the last time you treated yourself?

If it’s been a while since you treated yourself to a lovely shampoo or your hair could do with a freshen up, I hope this has given you a little nudge towards indulging in yourself sometime soon!


Photography credits: Suhyeon Choi & Pete Bellis

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