How to Capture the Best Photography this Halloween

From the scary painted faces to extravagant costumes, you’ll want to capture it all this Halloween. Learn how to make the most of this fantastic holiday!


Halloween is one of the best times of year to capture your finest photography. The bright burnt orange hue of candlelit pumpkins, a sea of extravagant costumes and scarily painted faces all combine to make a spectacular scene well worth photographing.

It could be that you’re hosting the Halloween festivities this year or you simply want to capture your kids’ creative costumes before they run off trick-or-treating. Taking the time to perfect your photography will allow you to create some fantastic memories to look back on in the years to come.

To help you and your family make the most of this fantastic holiday, I’ve partnered with the professionals over at The Case Farm to give you the best tips for creating haunting Halloween photos.


Low Light Photos

Low light often helps to create an eerie atmosphere around this time of year, however it can sometimes be a hindrance if you’re taking pictures outdoors.

To combat this you would usually turn your flash on. This is better for indoor photography, however, as when outdoors this can add too much light to the background and result in a less-natural looking photo.

Alternatively, use a tripod to stabilise your camera, go into your camera settings, turn up the ISO and use a large aperture to let more light into your photos without using flash.


Brighten up Your Decorations

Brightening up your halloween decorations will not only make your house stand out from the rest, but it also means that they will show up better in your photos.

Glow in the dark paint is great for brightening up your carved pumpkins and decorations. This is a fun activity to get kids involved with, as you’ll see the excitement on their faces as the glow appears when the lights dim and the end result looks great in photos too.

It may be tempting to go with dark and gloomy decorations to create a sinister atmosphere, however this doesn’t lend itself well to photos. Instead, opt for bright orange and deep red hues. This still fits in with the spooky halloween theme and will look brighter and bolder in your photography.


Capture the Gory Details

If you and your family are going all out this year and have spent hours planning and creating the perfect costume, you’ll want to make sure you capture and remember every detail.

Close up and detailed shots can really help to bring a photo alive, so you might want to consider this when bringing your camera out this Halloween.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR, you should be able to change your settings or lens to ‘macro’. This will allow you to get close up shots of your subject with great precision and detail.


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This guest post was a collaboration with The Case Farm. 

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