How To Stay Consistent With A Growing Team

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Business is booming, but how do you keep your team consistent?

Things are going well. Your business is growing and that’s worth celebrating. It means new highs, new opportunities and hopefully the chance to turn your dreams into reality. It also means growing your business beyond just yourself and hiring a team, something that brings new challenges. It can be hard to stay consistent and keep everyone united, especially if your business is growing fast.

Not sure how to keep everyone on the same track? Here are some ideas…

Send your team away on business trips together

Business trips give your team the perfect opportunity to work together and achieve great results for your business. However they’re also invaluable in terms of cultivating team spirit and lasting relationships between colleagues. Business trips can be challenging but they’re a great way of encouraging people to work as a team. They can give your team the opportunity to bond with others, solve problems and find solutions, and become closer because of their experiences together.


Host events and activities

Hosting events can be a great way to bring everyone in your company together to have a good time and celebrate success. There are so many different types of events you could plan, from a yearly awards and celebration evening to regular bowling or sports outings. Whether they’re formal or informal, events are an ideal way to unite teams and share what you and your business stands for. If planning events isn’t your forté, consider hiring a good event management company. They’ll take care of everything, allowing you to get involved in the event itself and realise the benefits of a well-planned evening.


Offer the same perks to everyone

The perks and benefits your team enjoy will have a big impact on how united they stay. The overall morale and happiness of your team matters because when everyone is content, they’ll be more likely to pull together and work hard for each other. There should never be a disparity between what different people within the business are getting in terms of the perks and benefits on offer from the business.


Keep pay levels rising

People often respond to the amount of money they’re paid, and a good way of avoiding resentment between people is making sure they’re all paid fairly. All of those little internal problems can be thrown into sharper focus for your company when people don’t feel like they’re getting compensated properly. Make sure the pay levels keep rising if you can, or at the least reflect the talent and value that your team brings you.


Encourage more teamwork

Teamwork is an important part of keeping your business united. When everyone is working for each other, they’ll be sure to stay united because they’ll know that what they’re doing is reliant on other people pulling their weight too. It’s good to have people working as a team, even if a lot of the work is done solo try and create more teamwork through projects or events. Encourage your team to get better at solidifying those bonds and working as a unit.

Big businesses can often find it hard to hold everyone together and maintain that small business mentality that can be so fruitful. By making the most of these ideas, you should be able to keep your sprawling business united.


Photograph by Matheus Ferrero via Unsplash.

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