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Little Loves

This week I thought I’d join in with Little Loves. It hasn’t been an extraordinary week but in some ways the quiet, everyday ones are my favourites. This week’s been a little different though – I’ve felt tired and overwhelmed, so this weekend I’m going to take a step back and tackle some of my to-do list before trying to find a few hours to do a whole lot of nothing.

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Here’s my week in review.



I really need to find more time to read. I’m still working through Brand Brilliance* by Fiona Humberstone which is helping me to ‘figure it all out’ when it comes to my blog and business. Don’t expect any huge changes here (although I’m so tempted to change my theme) but hopefully everything will be more consistent.


We’ve just finished re-watching all of Game of Thrones, ready for the next season to start. It’s one of my favourite shows and I think this next season will be really interesting. I’d love to see more of the dragons, anyone else?


I swear I hear Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ almost every day (It’s one of Otti’s favourites) but I’ve been listening to HAIM*. It’s the perfect laid back summer soundtrack.


Far from being a domestic goddess, baking wizard or craft queen I’ve been busy designing a new website for work. It’s a huge improvement on what was there before but I don’t think I’ll be considering a career as a web designer/developer anytime soon – blogging’s much more fun!


I’m having a hard time finding my ‘mum style’. I feel like I could say this exact same thing every week, in fact. My body’s been through two pregnancies, two c-section births and a lifetime of not really caring for it a whole lot. I’m learning to love it, but in the meantime I still find choosing clothes frustrating… especially in the summer. My go-to at the moment is still a black dress, but I recently bought a floral kimono/cover up from Primark that’s becoming a favourite. One day I’ll be brave enough to take some fashion shots!

And lastly…

I just want to leave with a reminder to take care of yourself and recognise when you want to make a change. Don’t let yourself burn out, take a few minutes in the bath or go for a walk, and make plans to live your life the way you want.

Enjoy your weekend

Nic x

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