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Bed featuring a Leesa mattress, made up with cushions and a throw


It’s been a long time in the planning, and more than a month in the making, but our bedroom restyle is almost finished.

Today I wanted to introduce you to the heart of our new bedroom, and one element that’s helped to transform the space the most – our Leesa Mattress. 💛


A view of our bedframe with the Leesa mattress, cushions, a throw, and a faux ivy garland


If you’ve been reading for a while now, you’ll know that we moved house in December last year and that we’ve been slowly making this house our home.

There’s little projects going on all around the house all the time, but one room we hadn’t tackled yet was our bedroom. The master bedroom tends to be a place that’s left until last – especially if, like us, you have kids and busy lives to juggle.

This all changed recently, and inspired by a desire to create a more relaxing space for us to unwind in, we decided to redecorate our bedroom.

It’s a challenging space, as it also doubles as my home office from where I run my blog and my business. This meant that not only does it need to be relaxing and welcoming as a bedroom, but it needs to be a space to concentrate and focus too. It’s also not the biggest room, which influenced a few of our design choices.


Styling our new bedroom, which features our new Leesa mattress


Creating a Relaxing Bedroom


One of the first things we did to transform our bedroom was to move everything out of the way and repaint. We went for a soft, pale, almost-blue white which has really made the room feel brighter and calmer.

We’ve also moved some of the furniture around. While we have plans to eventually replace our clothes storage with more wardrobe space, for now we decided to rearrange things to make the space feel bigger and more purposeful. Making use of existing furniture, or choosing affordable storage (like we plan to), is a great way to save money to put towards other items, like your mattress.

To help make our bedroom feel more relaxing, we’ve also changed our approach to clutter, decor, and how we leave the space. The bed is made every morning, we try to keep the surfaces as free from clutter as possible, and everything has a place. We’ve also added a few styling touches like a fake ivy garland, brightly coloured cushions in one of my favourite colours, and a beautiful textured throw.

The biggest change in our room, and the one that’s made the most impact on how relaxing it is, has been our move to a Leesa mattress. It’s become the heart of our bedroom – a place to sleep, relax, read, and find calm in the busy world.


Leesa mattress, in kingsize, shown on a bedframe

A close up of our bed showing the Leesa mattress, a Kindle, and a cup of tea


A Relaxing Sleep with the Leesa Mattress


Until the start of this year I have to admit that to me sleeping was just something that happened at the end of the day, a welcome pause between two busy days. I didn’t have an evening routine, I hit the snooze button often, and my body and mind didn’t get the kind of restful sleep that I needed.

Over the last few months all that has changed. I’ve realised the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, of getting enough hours of sleep, and how your bedroom, your bed, and your mattress can influence how you sleep.

The Leesa Mattress was designed with one goal in mind, and that’s to help people get a better night’s sleep. This is something I’m all for, so when the opportunity to work with Leesa on this review came up I was excited to give the mattress a try and see if it could achieve that goal for me.

Our old mattress was bought in a rush, something that we chose based on how quickly it could be delivered and how affordable it was. We were moving into our first family home and everything was moving quickly. We didn’t give comfort, longevity, or sleep benefits any thought. This was our downfall, as it deteriorated and became uncomfortable – especially for those night feeds during the early days with our youngest.

The Leesa Mattress is such a contrast to this. From the first night’s sleep it was supportive and comfortable, even on the edges – a welcome treat as I often end up there if we have a sleep-refusing toddler in bed with us. I get into bed and even now, a month down the line, I feel that same comfort. It’s a feeling that doesn’t get old, and is a little moment of calm every evening before falling asleep.

Speaking of sleep, since we’ve been using the Leesa Mattress I don’t think I’ve woken up in the night once. In the past I’d get woken by my other half if he stirred, but the mattress seems to have a way of minimising how much of that movement you feel.

The mattress features a top layer of Avena foam, which creates a lovely balance between firmness and comfort for me. The combination of three foam layers, including memory foam and support foam, adapts to your body. This was good news for me – as I’m on the heavier side support is key for me, and I’m happy to say there’s none of that ‘heavy sinking’ feeling here. It’s been a comfortable change for my partner too, who is much taller and lighter than me – which suggests that it’s a mattress that suits most heights and weights.


Me relaxing on the bed, reading a book


Little (and Big) Things That Make A Difference


I’m so glad we decided to update our bedroom and transform it into a calming, relaxing space, and the Leesa Mattress has been a key player in this. It’s been a positive experience, even down to the little things like ordering and setup.

The ordering and delivery process was straightforward, with delivery notifications meaning that we knew which day it would arrive and could enjoy the rest of the week outdoors. The mattress is delivered in a tall box which made it easy to move upstairs and store for a day or two until we’d finished painting. This would also be so useful for anyone living in a small space, or if you have smaller doorways like a cottage.

When it was time to unbox the mattress, this was also easy to do – even in a small space. There’s a useful guide on the Leesa website, but you can also find videos on YouTube if you want to watch the unboxing process. I was amazed by how quickly the mattress springs into life, and it was ready to use within a few hours. This was a huge positive for us, especially coming from an old memory foam mattress which you had to air overnight before using.

There are also some really lovely upsides to buying a mattress from Leesa.

If you buy a mattress and decide that it’s not for you, you can make use of the 100 day free trial and return your mattress for a full refund. The mattress is then donated to a local charity, or recycled if this isn’t possible.

Leesa also donates one mattress for every ten sold, through their One-Ten programme, and plants one tree for every mattress sold, so you’re helping to do social good while you enjoy a good night’s sleep. I really liked how these messages were prominent on the website, and are woven through the company’s values.


A side view of the Leesa Mattress on a bedframe

A notebook and throw placed on top of the Leesa mattress, with the Leesa stripes visible


A Special Offer For You


I’ve honestly been so happy with our Leesa Mattress and feel like I’m getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve also felt encouraged to create healthy habits around sleep and an evening routine that helps me to unwind to get the best sleep possible.

Although buying a new mattress can seem like a big cost, when you consider how long a mattress lasts and the positive changes it can have on your sleep and wellbeing, it’s often a worthwhile investment.

To help make your investment more affordable, I’m happy to share an exclusive discount code with you. If you visit the Leesa website and enter the code “NICOLASAYS” at checkout you’ll receive £100 off your order.

I hope this review has given you a little insight into how we’re sleeping better with our Leesa Mattress, and helped you with your own decision making process. For any technical questions it’s best to head to the Leesa website, but if you have any questions about my own personal experience or my bedroom redecoration project please feel free to comment below!


Me sat on the end of the bed with a cup of tea


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