Life This Week – Girlboss, Superheroes + Playsuits


Recap of this week

It’s Friday again. It’s a pretty exciting one too because it marks the start of a whole week off from work and things like that. A whole week ahead to escape and enjoy a new place. I can’t wait.

I was sat here just now racking my brain for something to write, for some idea, any idea, to come to mind. And they just didn’t. I have moments like this – where I want to write something, to share something, and the words just don’t come out. Do you get that too? Isn’t it frustrating?

Instead of sitting, waiting and trying to create something out of nothing I thought I’d join in with the Little Loves community again this week and share a look at how this week’s been.


Something that I read today and that really stuck with me was this blog over on Makelight all about using terms like #girlboss and what that means for our identities as women, entrepreneurs, parents and all the combinations. I don’t personally identify as a #girlboss or a #mumpreneur but I don’t quite feel like an entrepreneur or leader either. Maybe it’s time to think about what I am… or even whether I need to label it at all?


I’m loving our Now TV movies subscription at the moment and we’re working our way through the films… slowly. This week we watched Avengers Assemble (right to the end, the first time we got 1/3 of the way through and forgot all about it) and I loved it! I think I’ll have a look and see if they have any more in the series too.


My life this week has been totally, utterly dominated by Dave and Ava and their catchy-catchy nursery rhymes. Seriously, this stuff is our background noise at the moment. I don’t mind though – Oscar’s started singing some of the songs so it’s educational at least.


I wouldn’t call myself a maker of many things, but earlier this week I did a quick revamp on my other site. It was a lot of fun bringing it more in line with my ideas, plans and who I love to work with – if only I could find the time in the week to really make the most of it. I’m forever in two minds about whether I want to blog on both sites or combine the two, but being honest I’d love more time to blog at all.


It’s been a week of trawling ASOS and various other sites to try and find something sweet to wear for my birthday (and Blog On!). I think I might’ve found just the thing in this playsuit, although I’ve just realised it’s supposed to be an off the shoulder number and that’s definitely not how I was rocking it. Oops. That doesn’t matter though, right? I must admit I was completely surprised that it suited me as a playsuit is the last thing I’d think to pick up, so I’m glad I did.

And lastly…


That’s all.

Nic x


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