Updating Our Living Room with Frith Rugs

In collaboration with Frith Rugs

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that we moved house last year. Since then we’ve been trying to make our house a home.

One of the rooms that we use the most, but which has remained unfinished, is our living room. That changed recently. We cracked on with finishing the paintwork, updating our furniture, and styling the room with this beautiful rug from Frith Rugs.

Here’s a look at our living room now. 🏡

Character and practicality

In the centre of the room sits this Indian lattice rug, kindly sent to us by Frith Rugs. I’ve meant to add a rug for so long, but struggled to find something we both liked. In fact, it took us forever to make a choice for this collaboration.

I was tempted to go for something with a deeper pile, like one of these soft shaggies (this was on my shortlist), but this lattice rug felt more practical. It’s somewhere the kids can sit and play without losing toys (or crumbs!).

The rug is made from 100% wool, which means it’s easy to care for at home without speaking to a specialist. As a novice rug owner, I found Frith Rugs’ advice on care (especially vacuuming) really helpful.

Aside from practicality, the main reason for choosing this lattice rug was of course the pattern. Isn’t it lovely?!

I love the texture, the depth from the pattern, and think this is a rug that could really add character to a space — especially if your usual style is quite minimal.

The lattice collection is available in a range of colours, from brighter blues and terracotta, to softer greys and beiges. We went for this cool beige, which I think works really well with the colours in our room. If, like us, you have a warmer wood floor or furniture, grey can feel a little out of place — so this ‘greige’ is a great colour option.


A defined space

With the arrival of the rug, we were inspired to finally finish the space and give it some personality.

Our style is quite minimal and uncluttered (except on very busy weeks!), so I didn’t want to add too much into the room. It’s quite a small space, and also the walk-through to the kitchen, so it has lots of different functions.

Once we’d laid the rug, we realised that it was a great way to separate the living room from the walkthrough area. It adds definition and creates a more cosy atmosphere. Speaking of cosy, I’m so looking forward to decorating this space for Autumn and Winter — with more cushions and throws in warm, autumnal colours.


Finishing touches

Opposite our sofa you’ll find our TV, which is more often than not screening something featuring cars from YouTube.

Until a week or so ago this lived on top of an IKEA Kallax unit that we’d turned sideways, one of the pieces of furniture that we’ve repurposed the most (it’s now in my office!). While it was practical and meant we didn’t need to buy a TV stand, it was a lighter wood that really didn’t match the room and was much too high.

We’d planned to make a trip to IKEA for cushions, and this TV bench was a bit of an impulse buy. I love it though, and think it makes the room finally feel like a living room and not just a room that happens to feature a TV and a sofa. The storage is better, the height is so much better, and it makes the room feel bigger — thanks to the legs and the bright white blending into the walls.

Speaking of impulse buys… that round object on the side is a remote for the smart lighting. We can now dim and change the colour temperature of the LED bulb in our ceiling light. It’s not something I’d planned to invest in, but honestly I’ve been so impressed with this — the combination of the rug and a warm, almost-there light makes the room feel so cosy in the evenings.


We do have a few finishing touches to add, like indoor plants and I’d love to find some artwork for the walls, but our living room is now a cosy space to relax and play.

The kids love to play on the rug, as it’s much more comfortable than sitting on the wooden floor. It’s also where we read stories, have indoor picnics, and build the biggest towers and rockets with Lego. It really has changed the way we use the space for the better. 💛


We received this rug from Frith Rugs in exchange for an honest review/feature, and any thoughts and words are my own. 

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