Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

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There’s something beautiful about a garden that’s roaming, wild, and full of colour.

Whether your style is more carefully chosen plants and manicured lawns or a wildflower oasis, our gardens are a wonderful place to show our personality. While they’re beautiful, gardens can quickly become a big time commitment.

Today I wanted to share some ways you can transform your garden into a space that’s low maintenance and easy to care for, and regain some time back to enjoy other areas of your life. 🌿


How to create a low maintenance garden


Swap to artificial grass

One of the highest maintenance areas of a garden is the lawn. In Summer you need to keep it watered and fresh so that it’s at its best, and there’s all the mowing and care that goes along with it too. Maintaining a grass lawn can take up a lot of time – especially if you have a large garden.

A great alternative to a grass lawn is artificial grass. Once you’ve laid it, it’s easy to maintain as you only need to keep on top of brushing away any debris and there’s no mowing, watering, or lawn care. There’s lots of choice too, so you can go for something smooth and short, or taller and more rustic.


Create a patio

As you replace your lawn with artificial grass, you could also do something similar with your outdoor living areas. If you have a space that’s topped with pebbles, or a decked area, switching it out for a paved patio can reduce the amount of care your garden needs.

Creating a patio doesn’t need to be expensive, either. You can pick up paving slabs inexpensively and even customise these if you like using stencils and outdoor paint.

A simple, well designed patio area is not only easy to maintain but means you can create a space to sit, relax, eat, and enjoy your garden.


Low maintenance outdoor furniture

In every garden it’s lovely to have somewhere to rest and enjoy the space that you’ve worked so hard to create. There are so many options for garden furniture, but for something low maintenance my vote is for plastic rattan-effect furniture.

We have this set* in our garden and it’s one of my favourite buys so far. We bought it on sale and it’s so comfortable. To keep it looking clean we brush off any cobwebs or debris from nearby trees, then wash using a bucket or hose.


Simple planting

If you want to keep your garden low maintenance but still enjoy lots of plants and flowers, it’s all down to choosing them carefully. Opt for plants which are more hardy and don’t require complicated care, like shrubs and cacti. You could also think about keeping your plants in pots on your patio. Not only does this make them lower maintenance but it helps decorate and personalise your outdoor living space.

You can still keep flowers and plants that do need care, but maybe consider having only a few or keeping them all in one area – so you’re not moving around the whole garden every day to care for them. We’ve done this with our roses – they’re all in one space instead of being dotted around the garden.


Garden storage

To help make your garden feel more organised and easier to maintain, introduce some extra storage. If you have a shed maybe it’s time to declutter and go through your things and tools to keep only what you need. You can then use your space more effectively and keep your garden looking organised.

If you don’t have space for a shed, you could try an outdoor storage box*. Our garden’s small so we have one of these near our patio to store our compost, garden tools, and any toys or outdoor things that don’t have a place.


More ways to transform your garden into a low maintenance space

Looking for more inspiration? Why not try these tips:

  • Introduce a water feature or garden mirror as a focal point
  • Plant flowers in a hanging basket instead of in a border
  • Create interest with an arbour or arch
  • Paint your woodwork to protect it and introduce colour
  • Create a weekly gardening routine to stay on top of maintenance


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How to create a low maintenance garden at home including swapping to artificial grass, outdoor living styling tips and more


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