Five Ways To Make A Garden Magical

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It’s Spring and for us that means one thing – planning the garden! This year is the first we’ll have a family garden so we’re really looking forward to enjoying lots of long, sunny days and warm evenings in it.

Something that I’d really love to do is to make our garden feel magical. Not in the fairytale sense, but we definitely want to make the space feel cosy, relaxing, welcoming and a little bit special. Inspired by this I wanted to share with you five ways to create that magical feeling in your own garden or outdoor space.

1. Create a canopy

For me this is one of the quickest ways to make a space feel cosy and special – especially if you’re working with a courtyard garden or a small space like we are. A well-placed canopy not only gives you shade from the sun but creates a tranquil space to relax, enjoy a book with a glass of wine, or to sit wrapped up warm watching the stars at night. It doesn’t need to be expensive either – you can buy this canopy from Ikea for just £25.


2. Light your space

The next step is to create the right atmosphere with lighting. A canopy combined with beautiful outdoor lighting is a simple, inexpensive way to add a bit of magic to your garden. Whether you go for some soft and subtle fairy lights to create a warm glow, or for something design-led and modern, the right lighting can really transform a space. I’m definitely tempted by the solar-powered string lighting – it’d look amazing acting as a sort of ‘star-lit ceiling’, but the good news is that Groupon really does have something for everyone.


3. Add in textures and textiles

After lighting, textiles are a wonderful way to really transform a room – or in this case a garden! I love the way that our garden has fences but also some exposed walls, and we’ll introduce texture in the form of different plants and surfaces too. If you don’t want to make huge changes to what’s already in your garden you could introduce some new outdoor cushions, an outdoor rug or a textured pot (I love this one by HAY).


4. Somewhere to relax

A garden needs somewhere for you to sit down, relax and watch the sky. We’re thinking of going for an outdoor sofa instead of a more traditional table and chairs this year, reasoning that we can always carry our table out through the patio doors if we need to. A sofa is so much more comfortable too – perfect for lounging on or enjoying a coffee with friends. This hanging chair from MADE is on my lust list.


5. Beautiful scents and sounds

I love lighting a candle with one of my favourite scents, don’t you? It’d be lovely to bring some of that out into the garden too. You could add another layer of depth and create an experience with outdoor candles or surrounding yourself with scented plants and flowers. Another way to bring in your senses is to add sound – think a softly-flowing waterfall sculpture or a retro radio* switched on low.


How would you make your garden magical? 


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