Meet My New Everything Bag, The Jennie by Mia Tui

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Mia Tui Jennie - A multitasking travel and changing bag, seen on a family day out


As a parent of two, blogger, and business owner, I’m always carrying a lot around with me. Whether it’s pull ups, baby wipes and spare clothes, or a laptop and notebooks, my bag has to handle it all.

Until now I’d been using an old changing bag rucksack as my changing, travel, and work bag. But, with a few trips coming up, I decided to look for a handbag with plenty of space.

For travelling especially, a bag I’d seen recommended over and over was the Jennie by Mia Tui. It seemed to tick all the boxes – spacious, comfortable, and practical. After a month of using the Jennie, here are my thoughts on it and why it’s a wonderful multitasker. 👜


A close up of the Mia Tui Jennie

On a family day out with the Mia Tui Jennie

Jennie as a changing bag

The Jennie was recently awarded as Mumsnet Best award in the Changing Bag category, and it’s not difficult to see why.

I was kindly sent the Jennie by Mia Tui to review, and chose the lovely Dove Grey. It’s a soft, light colour that’s more grey in some lights and bluer in others. The Jennie is a spacious bag, with lots of pockets and space for all things baby or toddler. And while it’s large, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or especially oversized as a changing bag.

The interior pockets include two insulated bottle holders, two large pockets either side, a phone pocket, somewhere to store pens, and a key holder too. As well as the pockets, the main compartment is super roomy – perfect for storing a change of clothes, baby toys, and snacks.


Demonstrating the insulated bottle holder in the Mia Tui Jennie

The Mia Tui Jennie, worn as a shoulder bag on a family day out

Family day out

My Mia Tui Jennie’s first outing was on a family day out to Pecorama, a local attraction. I brought it along with us as a changing bag and handbag – somewhere to keep pull ups, spare clothes, drinks, snacks, and all the usual things like my phone, purse, and keys. I was really impressed by the amount of storage space, and love how easy it is to find everything thanks to the bright interior fabric.

I’m always careful with my bags and take care of them, and an added detail that I love about the Jennie is that it has studded feet on the bottom. This meant no worrying about placing it on the floor outside, which happens a lot with kids!

Another bonus of using the Jennie is a changing bag is that you can wear it how you like. As well as the handles, you also receive a long shoulder strap, and you can buy buggy clips as an extra to attach it to a pushchair.


The Mia Tui Jennie, stood on top of a cabin luggage suitcase in a hotel room

Demonstrating the suitcase handle functionality on the Mia Tui Jennie

Jennie as a travel bag

The Jennie has been amazing as my go-to for family days out, but another area it really shines is as a travel bag.

This month I travelled to Manchester for BlogOnToys, a blogging conference. I always make the journey by plane as it’s quicker and a similar price to catching the train, and this means that a good travel bag is essential.

I used to use a backpack as my hand luggage, but it was big and uncomfortable after a while. Everyone recommended the travel bags by Mia Tui, and they were so right.

One of the major plus points of using the Jennie for travel is the pocket at the bag of the bag, which allows you to slip the bag over suitcase handles. It’s something I didn’t know I needed, but it’s absolutely changed the way I travel. No more struggling to carry a bag on one shoulder and pull a suitcase with the other hand. No balancing my bag on top of the case and hoping it doesn’t fall off. This one detail makes the Jennie incredibly useful, especially for travelling hand-luggage only for a city escape or weekend break.


The Mia Tui Jennie comes with this integrated clear bag, perfect for liquids if flying

Practical travel solutions

Another clever addition is the clear bag that comes with the Jennie.

This is perfect for keeping all your liquids together, a must-have if you’re travelling through an airport. It also has a hand strap, which is another thoughtful detail, as it makes it much easier to keep hold of everything with minimal stress as you pass through security.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel flustered when going through security – searching in my bag to grab hold of my liquids bag, and removing any electronic devices that need to be scanned separately. The included clear bag, and the handy compartments, mean that this process is a lot smoother.


The Mia Tui Jennie also comes with this matching clutch bag, with a cross-body strap


Along with the clear bag, you also receive a matching clutch bag – again with a hand strap, as well as a longer cross-body strap.

This has been lovely for travelling with. I can pop my phone, purse, and any essentials into the clutch and wear it around town, and for evenings out. It was especially useful on my recent trip to Manchester, so I could shop and explore, with my Jennie packed and ready to go in the hotel room. It’s also a great place to keep essential documents like your passport and boarding pass, you easily have them to hand at the airport.

The pen pocket is again useful for travelling, especially for filling in paperwork or making notes on the go. The insulated bottle holders are great for storing a reusable water bottle, for refilling after you’ve been through security, or as you travel.


Taking my Kindle Paperwhite out of the Mia Tui Jennie

Jennie as a work bag

Now that I’m self employed, I work from home a lot. While I don’t head into an office every day, a good work bag is still one of my essentials – especially as I move forward with plans for my social media business.

As someone who works with digital files, being able to travel with my laptop is a must-have. The Jennie is big enough to hold my 15.6″ laptop comfortably, with room left over for cables, accessories and essentials. As the Jennie is a large bag, Mia Tui have created the Mini Jen as an option for those of us who are under 5ft 5″. I was tempted by the Mini Jen, but the selling point for me here was being able to carry my laptop in the Jennie.

If I’m travelling to a meeting or coworking space by train, I love being able to read a book on the go. The integrated pockets are perfect for keeping my Kindle safe and easy to reach, and they’re great for notebooks and paperwork too.

Although I usually use my Jennie with the attached straps, the long shoulder strap can be really useful when you’re using it as a work bag – especially if you have lots of things to carry.


A peek inside my Mia Tui Jennie

The highlights

Over the last month or so I’ve really enjoyed using the Jennie as my main bag for family days out, travel, and work. It’s roomy but easy to organise, practical and beautiful, and full of thoughtful details that make life on the go easier.

If you’re considering the Jennie as your new travel bag or changing bag, here are the key facts:

– Made from a Vegan friendly, ultra soft faux leather

– Available in 11 different colours

– Features a brightly coloured, waterproof interior

– Finished with metal studs underneath, to protect the base of the bag

The Jennie comes with:

– 1 x matching clutch bag, with hand strap and cross-body strap

– 1 x clear internal bag, with hand strap

– 2 x insulated bottle holders

– 2 x internal pockets

– Hands-free shoulder strap

– Phone pocket and pen holder

– Key strap


Where to buy

You can buy the Jennie directly from Mia Tui, priced at £55.

Bundle alert: You can currently receive a free Oxford folding backpack and a set of organiser bags free with your Jennie, if you quote the code “MJ99” at checkout. Find out more about the bundle offer here.

I was sent the Jennie by Mia Tui to review in this blog post. As always any thoughts and words are my own. 

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