The Moving House Bubble

Our feet on grass - emerging from the moving house bubble

I’ve been sat at my laptop for a while now. Both kids are asleep before midnight which is a rarity, the washing up’s done and I feel like I’ve got an hour or so to myself. It’s been such a busy month, probably my busiest this year, but no matter how much I wanted to write something it feels like there’s nothing to talk about.

The truth is, this whole month I’ve been in a total moving house bubble.

First there was the excitement at realising we’d be moving to a house. Saying goodbye to our flat and hello to something I’d dreamed about since Oscar was tiny. A house with a garden. A front door. Somewhere we can grow a few plants and sit outdoors to eat breakfast. There was that hesitation, that reluctance to believe it was real, wondering if someone would say “sorry, we’ve made a mistake” or “we’ve decided to go with someone else”. Finding out it was all go, celebrating, and then trying to figure out all the logistics and moving house admin with only a week or two to go.

And boy, is there a lot of admin and things to do. There’s the financial side of things (budgeting, paying rent in advance to secure the house, paying rent on the old place too). Then there’s the trying to organise how on earth you move house at short notice side. Do you pay for movers? A man and van? DIY? And how long will it all take? I spent a lot of time wondering what order to do things in, what to do first and how it’d all work out. There’s also the admin side too, or as I call it the boring things, like switching over council tax, notifying your gas/electric suppliers, sorting out your internet connection and changing your contact details with every single place ever. It’s exhausting, and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten something somewhere along the line.

After you’ve tackled all of that (or at least put it on a to-do list) there’s a whole lot of other things to think about too. Booking annual leave. Working out what to do with the kids (we settled on me taking them out and about). Packing up all your belongings. We’ve moved house as a family before back in 2014, but with two kids in the mix and both of them very active definitely made this move a lot harder.

It’s not just the physical movement that’s exhausting either. The weight of having to think about everything. sort everything out, and make it all work is huge. It’s just gotta happen – you’re moving on X date and nothing else matters. I love that we’ve moved but between feeling stressed about tiny and big decisions, juggling kids and the massive amount of headspace that moving house takes up, it feels like it’s been a bit of a blur. Has that happened to anyone else? I’d have loved to document it all (I even thought about a video diary at one point) but it was impossible. I’m completely in awe of anyone who does moving vlogs or has documented their house moves. It must’ve added so much more to an already busy, stressful and overwhelming time.

Things have quietened down here a little, and I am excited to start documenting everything we do here. Mostly for my own benefit and for us to look back on the changes, but also because I love reading about other people’s homes and renovations and I’d like to share some of our own on my blog too. Moving house has definitely been an experience. I’m so glad we’re in, we’re sorted and the boxes are starting to be unpacked. It’s feeling like home. And the moving house bubble, or fog, is starting to lift. We’re in our new home for the New Year. And I couldn’t be happier, or feel more lucky for it.

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