A New Bookcase For The Kids

A look at our new kids bookcase - the Kirkton House Bookshelf from Aldi

I’ve wanted a bookcase for the kids’ room for so long.

We did originally have this one from IKEA (as seen here) but it proved a little too easy to climb into for our youngest, who preferred using it as a boat to a book rack. When we moved house we decided to retire the boat-case and so started my hunt for something better.

There’s lots of choice when it comes to buying bookcases and book storage for kids. I knew I wanted something wooden (or wooden-looking) and not plastic, but a lot of the book storage I found online was expensive. Then I saw this lovely bookshelf from Aldi shared on HotUKDeals (of all places!) and it was a ‘yes!’ moment.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for something that was only £24.99 and reasoned that it might be flimsy, it might not be the highest quality and it might disappoint me. I was so wrong though. The quality’s great and it feels sturdy. We have secured it to the walls with some extra brackets (which we’ll eventually paint over, when the walls are done!) but this was more to satisfy my own mind, and the bookshelf does come with a fabric fastening and a guide on how to secure it to the wall using that.

The size is perfect – we can fit a lovely range of books on there. There’s a toy storage drawer underneath too where we store other books – although at the end of the day it’s usually full of clothes, dolls, Lego and a pile of books. It’s one of those buys that I’m so glad I spotted, because it fits perfectly in their room and enriches it too – they can now easily choose and replace books themselves.

While it’s now sold out online, you may still be able to find the bookshelf in your local Aldi – here’s the details.


What’s on your kids’ bookshelf at the moment?


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We love this kids bookshelf from Aldi! Find out what we think of this affordable kids bookcase in our latest review

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  • I am amazed you could stick to one or two. No way can I do that. I have to list authors and even then the list is long. I have a bookshelf (which is full) of “part with over my dead body books. These are books I hold very near and dear and reread often. Gerald Durrell, James Herriott and David Attenborough are why I became an environmental scientist, Enid Blyton (particularly Children of Cheery Tree Farm) made me fall in love with books and reading, LM Montgomery (particularly Anne of Green Gables series) were the first books where I lost myself in the words, David Eddings let me escape and lose myself from the school bullies in other worlds where I started to write because I could create my own worlds, Agatha Christie and Dick Francis were why I fell in love with mysteries (which I write now).