Ideas For A Non-Traditional Wedding

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Today’s feature is a collaborative post all about alternative weddings!


Most of us have an idea in our head of what a wedding should be. A stunning venue with a big white dress, tiered wedding cake, flowers and buffet or three course meal served later in the evening. But when it comes down to it, your wedding day is all about you and your partner and really doesn’t have to follow any set rules. Maybe you’re looking to save money or perhaps you just want to do things differently, either way here are some ideas for the non-traditional bride when it comes to planning your wedding.


Balloons Instead of Flowers

Flowers are stunning and can decorate a venue beautifully. However they’re also incredibly expensive, and if you don’t want to fork out on something that only serve as decorations for one day then there are alternatives. Balloons look really effective for weddings and they’re so much cheaper than flowers, you can get some stunning white, metallic or other colours to match your wedding theme. A cannister of helium, some string and some weights are inexpensive but once they’re blown up they look very effective and can make a nice alternative to flowers on tables. It’s also a way that you can use less flowers, you could still have bridesmaids and a bridal bouquet with some flowers on the top table, but then use balloons elsewhere.


Get Married Abroad

It’s traditional to go on your honeymoon after the wedding, but why not do things a little differently and have a destination wedding? You could look at companies like Dubai Wedding Team for a stunning wedding in the middle east. You could get married on a tropical beach, or even go to Vegas! If you have a smaller number of guests coming to the wedding and all of your close friends and family would be on board with coming to see you get married it’s a fun way to do things differently. While this can seem like the more expensive option, you save money on things like venue and catering for lots of guests. When you’re getting married abroad you won’t be buying big wedding cakes and chances are your dress will be lighter and more simple too.


Alternative Wedding Cake

Speaking of wedding cakes, this is another area where you can do things a little differently. Your first option would be to buy a plain wedding cake and decorate it yourself, or if you or a family member is a good baker you could make your own. You could do a cupcake or macaron tower instead of a cake, or you could do go with something really unique- wheels of cheese! This idea is becoming increasingly popular but is of course still very different from your usual traditional wedding cake. If you wanted to still go with a traditional wedding cake you could go with a fun style of decoration, choose something that fits your personality. There are lots of talented designers out there that could make your vision a reality.


Non Traditional Wedding Dress

Another very expensive part of a wedding is the bride’s dress. If you go to a bridal boutique you could end up spending thousands. Plus, a big white dress might not be your style. Instead you could look at dresses on the high street, things like ball gowns, maxi dresses and other formal and non formal dresses could work. Plus there are lots of wedding and prom dress makers on eBay, while these factories in China and Hong Kong have a bad rep due to horror stories of badly made dresses, most are very good and have thousands of satisfied customers every year. Just read through reviews of the site or shop you plan on using and ask to see pictures of their actual work. Most will be happy to you show this if you ask.


Home Wedding Reception

The biggest expense when it comes to getting married will be the venue. So if you want to do things on a budget, one option would be to bypass this. It’s not the traditional thing to do but you could have your wedding reception at home. Companies have things like wedding marquees and gazebos for hire, so it will still feel like a stunning wedding but you will save thousands on the cost. These can be strung up with fairy lights and decorations and you could still have a magical reception without breaking the bank. If you have a lovely home or a large garden, it makes sense to do things this way. It’s accessible for friends and family as everyone will know where it is, and you will still be able to have fun and get some stunning photos of the day.


Different Food Options

A classic three course meal is often the norm when it comes to weddings, but this is the most expensive and formal option. DIYing your own wedding buffet is good for saving on costs and finger food is always a crowd pleaser, there are tonnes of interesting ideas on places like Pinterest if you wanted to switch it up a bit. You could do a ‘hot buffet’ where you make a selection of curries or other dishes that guests can help themselves too if you wanted to do hot food. Serve with poppadoms, naan bread and a selection of sides for something most people will enjoy. A hog roast is another alternative, this is an informal way of dining, plus most companies offer things like baked potatoes for the vegetarians too. If you’re throwing your wedding reception at home, you could even fire up the grill or the pizza oven.

Your wedding is all about you and your partner, so don’t feel pressured into following traditions that mean very little to you. Think outside the box, and you will create a day that’s personal to you and could save you some money as well.


What non-traditional touches will you be incorporating into your wedding?

Photograph by Marc A. Sporys

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