Our first family rave with Big Fish Little Fish

Big Fish Little Fish - Exeter launch party

A kid-friendly afternoon rave

Last month we did something a little out of the ordinary. We’re trying to get out more, try new things and visit new places so when the team at Big Fish Little Fish South West invited us to their launch event in Exeter we said YES!

I couldn’t convince Mr Says to join us so we had a fab mummy baby day out. The event was at Exeter Phoenix – somewhere I haven’t been before but I know it’s no stranger to hosting gigs and events.

We arrived early and there was a steady queue of people waiting to get in. I knew it’d be popular but I hadn’t realised how popular. After saying hello and picking up a glow stick, I parked the pushchair (unbelievably useful) and had a look around.

Big Fish Little Fish - Exeter launch party

The main room was busy at the start and stayed that way all afternoon. Dance music, glitter cannons, bubbles. The kids were loving it and I’m pretty sure most of us old folk were too. Oscar’s a little too young to get stuck in with the crafting, temporary tats and art but did have a mighty good time running from room to room. Please tell me I’m not the only person with a child like this?!

It was a tiring, jam packed, hot afternoon but a fun one too. We danced, scribbled on the art wall, played games and smiled. And somebody left with very glittery hands and shoes.

Big Fish Little Fish - Exeter launch party

We loved…

The thing I loved most about the event? Seeing the big smile on my son’s face. He wasn’t into the activities but threw a few signature dance moves and had the run of the place. He was so happy. It’s one of my favourite memories from July.

Things to note…

It was a hot July day and I’d foolishly thrown on a pair of trousers, so within ten minutes I was melting. This kind of event is never going to be cool (thanks to all the lights and sounds) so next time I’ll wear something lighter.

If you have a super active toddler like I do, you might want to invite another adult along. Toilet breaks, getting a drink to cool down and keeping a little one away from the glittery floor isn’t an easy task alone. We both enjoyed the afternoon but it would’ve been easier with an extra pair of hands.

Big Fish Little Fish - Exeter launch party

The verdict?

We both left with smiles on our faces and glitter in our hair. It was a fun afternoon and I’ll definitely be booking us tickets to a future event.

If it sounds like your kind of thing, the next Exeter event  is on 6th September and tickets cost £6.50pp (pre-walkers are free). There are also regular events in London so check out their events page for details.

Big Fish Little Fish - Exeter launch party

We attended the event free as guests, but this review is completely impartial. All photography by Big Fish Little Fish.



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