New Glasses! (with Perfect Glasses)

I've got new glasses! Photo of me wearing new Carrera glasses from Perfect Glasses

In collaboration with Perfect Glasses

When it comes to my glasses I’ve definitely been a creature of habit. I always go to the same opticians, and usually buy the same style of frame from them too. Lately I’ve been wanting to experiment with my style more, so when Perfect Glasses offered me the opportunity to review their service and range I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I’ve been curious about buying glasses online for a while. I’d wonder whether I’d be able to find something to suit me, which details I’d need from my prescription, how long it would take and whether I’d still need to pay a local optician for fitting and adjustments. These things had put me off for too long – and it turns out they’re all nothing to worry about anyway, and ordering glasses online was a lot easier than I expected.

Perfect Glasses ( is an online retailer offering prescription glasses and sunglasses, often at a fraction of the price you’d expect. I’ve visited the site a few times before and there’s usually a special offer running so you save more – now for example there’s a 50% off sale on all frames for February. This means you can pick up glasses from just £9, which is such a bargain and wonderful if you’re on a budget or just need an extra pair as a spare. They also sell non-prescription glasses too. I’m tempted to order a pair of non-prescription sunglasses for when I’m wearing my contact lenses.

As well as selling great value glasses and sunglasses, they also stock a wide range of designer glasses. There’s lots of choice and I had a hard time narrowing down my shortlist when it came to selecting a pair to review.

Glasses on a table - from Perfect Glasses

I ended up choosing this gorgeous pair from Carrera. It’s a brand that’s new to me but I’ve been really pleased with the quality of the frame and the lenses too. I opted to pay an extra £3.99 for the ‘Standard Premium’ lenses which I’d really recommend – the anti-reflective coating and UV protection are definitely worth it and I’ve been impressed with how clear the lenses feel. If thinner lenses are important for you they also offer lenses in 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74 thickness.

When choosing these glasses I went a little out of my comfort zone and went for something larger and darker than my usual frames. The one thing I would say is that the frame does look darker in person than online. It’s definitely tortoiseshell but the pattern isn’t as obvious. It might be as a result of the way the glasses were photographed for the online store, so if you’re looking for an exact colour match it may be worth speaking to their customer service team for advice.

Even though the glasses are quite dark I’m still really pleased with them. I’ve wondered whether they’re too wide and tall for me (it’s something I’ve been talked out of in the past by many opticians!) but I’ve decided they’re fun, and I’m enjoying coming up with ways to style them. I do think I need to have them adjusted slightly behind the ears by an optician (the joys of having a small head) but that’s something I need to do with any glasses that I buy.

I've got new glasses! Photo of me wearing new Carrera glasses from Perfect Glasses

While my order didn’t go through the usual channels, I’ve been happy with the service I’ve had from the team at Perfect Glasses. I’ve been kept updated about whether my chosen frames were in stock or not, and the delivery tracking and notifications were really helpful – meaning I didn’t have to wonder when they might arrive.

In all I’ve had a great experience and would order from Perfect Glasses in the future. In fact I’ve already got my eye on a some prescription sunglasses for when the lovely sunshine decides to make an appearance.


In order to review the service, I was provided with a pair of prescription glasses free of charge. All thoughts are independently mine and reflect my personal view of the service and product involved.

Thank you to Perfect Glasses for working with me on this feature.


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A review of Perfect Glasses and buying prescription glasses online

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