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Did you know that Pinterest now has communities?

The feature’s still pretty new, so while it’s fresh I wanted to share with you some more about what Pinterest communities are, why they’re great, and how you can get involved. 📌


What are Pinterest Communities?

Pinterest Communities is a brand new feature from Pinterest. Designed as a space to “connect you to other Pinners based on similar interests”, they’re a new way to find or create a home for content around your passions. As the platform is my go-to for visual inspiration and motivation for everything from blogging to how I decorate my home, I’m excited about being able to easily find groups of other people who love the things I do.

I can picture Pinterest Communities becoming similar to Facebook groups, a group chat on WhatsApp, or a DM community on Instagram. A place to chat with others, find inspiration, get advice, share tips, and so much more. As they’re new, communities are still finding their feet, but in time they could become a valuable source of support and inspiration.


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How are Pinterest Communities useful?

I’m all for community, so I’m really interested to see where Pinterest will take their Communities function and how it’ll develop and grow over time. As it’s a new feature it’ll take everyone time to shape how its used, build their own etiquette, and work out how to create communities that feel welcoming and supportive.

You’re probably wondering why you should join Pinterest Communities now, and here’s why:

  • It’s a new feature, so you can be involved in the shaping of it from the start
  • You can make the most of people’s enthusiasm and create or get involved in communities you care about
  • It’s always a great idea to try new social communities, especially if you’re a blogger, marketer, or content creator

So what could Pinterest Communities mean for you as a Pinner?

  • A new home to talk about topics you love, like home decorating or travel
  • Finding people who are passionate or knowledgeable about a topic
  • Easier way to discover other Pinners whose content or taste you enjoy

And for bloggers, content creators, and brands there are extra benefits:

  • Create a community around your blog or your brand, with exclusives for your readers or customers
  • Become active in communities where your ideal audience hang out and become well-known
  • Opportunity to find communities which offer support to bloggers (like the one I’ve linked below!)


How to join Pinterest Communities - woman looking at Pinterest on a laptop

How do you join Pinterest Communities?

To enable the Community tab to show up in your account, you’ll first need to join an existing community.

I’d love to invite you to join one of my communities below:

After accepting the invite, you’ll now be able to take part in that community and find new ones that interest you too.

The search function doesn’t work brilliantly at the moment, but I’m sure in time it’ll be developed and be easier to find new and popular communities around a subject that you love.


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Have you created a Pinterest Community?

I’d love to build a list of communities here on the blog, to help people find a new community to join.

If you’ve created a Pinterest Community and would like me to list it, please fill in the form here.


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