10 Ways to Practice Self Care on A Budget

Self care tips which are affordable and accessible 

Low cost and practical self care tips, including a cup of your favourite coffee

We’re living in a real moment for self care, which is an amazing thing. Whether you’re really into mindfulness, or you’re looking for a small thing to cheer you up today, here are some of my favourite affordable self care tips and activities. ☕

1. Treat yourself to a specialty coffee

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, it’s something that’s a regular visitor in your daily life. That first cuppa in the morning or the tea before bed becomes part of our routine.

To make that coffee moment feel special, treat yourself to a specialty coffee or hot drink every now and again. This might be a flavoured coffee at home, or a seasonal drink at your favourite coffee shop. Take a friend, your kids, or just enjoy a good book for some bonus self care points.


2. Listen to your favourite podcast

I feel like I say this to myself every week, but life is so busy these days. There’s lots to juggle, and there’s always somewhere that needs cleaning or tidying, and it can feel like there’s no time left to read or learn.

A great way to introduce learning, positivity, or skills development back into your life is through podcasts. Play an episode while you’re washing up, while you tidy the kitchen, or while you’re walking to do the school or nursery run. I find that listening to an episode of Letters From A Hopeful Creative while I tidy clothes away motivates me to get it done, and inspires me for the rest of the evening.


3. Try an at-home beauty or skincare treatment

When was the last time you visited a spa or had your nails done? If you’re like me, that time was about one child ago, and it’s easy for these little pampering treats to fall by the wayside for either practical or financial reasons.

For a mini pampering treat at home, try a relaxing face mask (peel off are my favourites – less mess!), paint your nails, or give yourself a little more time in the evening for an indulgent skincare routine. Not only does this give you that self care moment then, but it’s an investment in how you look and feel for the days ahead.


4. Borrow or buy a new book

Like so many other activities, reading is one of those things that there never seems to be enough time for. There’s always something else (or someone else, literally) calling your name and asking for your attention.

Rekindle your love for reading, or develop one, by borrowing or buying a new book. Head to your local library (maybe combine it with that coffee shop stop from #1) and pick up something new to read, or download an eBook to your phone or eReader. Since I got my Kindle* I’ve definitely been reading more, as I’ve been motivated to make the most of my investment.


5. Plan a project you’d love to do

Sometimes we put off doing things because they’re a big deal, so planning out a dream project is a great way of taking that big thing and turning it into smaller steps. It’s also really lifting because it’s something that you’re excited about, a goal that you want to achieve – whether that’s planning a dream holiday, writing a book, or making a career change.


6. Watch your favourites on YouTube

One of my favourite ways to take a break and refresh is to watch a few of my favourites on YouTube. It’s an easy way to escape for a bit, to learn something new, or to find motivation to carry on with a task that you’ve been putting off. I like to watch channels that talk about running a business, self care, interiors, and personal development.

Who are your favourites to watch on YouTube? Leave a comment below! 


7. Call or message a friend

If you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, calling a friend can change your mood almost instantly. There’s something lovely about catching up with someone, making plans, having coffee, or even a chat about what’s happening on TV. If you don’t have anyone you feel you could message for a chat, try joining a Facebook group that’s centred around one of your interests and jump into the conversation.


8. Create and listen to a Spotify playlist

Music has a way of changing how we feel about what we’re doing or even the life we’re living. Listening to Spotify playlists has become one of the most motivating things I do, especially if I’m struggling through a task that I really don’t enjoy. Have a browse through the existing playlists, or find songs you love and create your own for different moods and moments. I find a throwback playlist can make you smile and help remind you of memories and moments you enjoyed.


9. Declutter your wardrobe

This is one of those self care tips that has a double positive effect – you’re taking some time to do something for you but also for your space, which has a lasting effect. Decluttering your wardrobe and sorting through your clothes can be transformative, as getting dressed is something you do every day and this can be a way of making that moment more positive. There’s also that feel-good bonus you get from donating unwanted items or recycling clothing you no longer need. If you want to join a community all about decluttering, here’s mine on Pinterest.


10. Create a motivational Pinterest board

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately and it’s become an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for me. Although it’s part of what I do as a blogger to stay active and involved, searching for and pinning content on the platform is also a self care activity. Think of a few themes or interests you’d like to get inspired on, and create new boards for them – maybe it’s a kitchen renovation or a board of inspirational quotes. My favourite board at the moment is this one I created for personal development, which is full of motivational quotes, positive stories, and reminders to become the best version of myself.


Have you found these affordable self care tips useful?

If you’re thinking about trying one of these activities, I’d love you to come back and leave a comment telling me how you got on.

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10 ways to practice self care on a budget. Here are some affordable, simple ways to introduce more self care into your week #selfcare #mindfulness


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