The Siblings Project – February 2018

Siblings - February 2018

These two just make my heart melt ❤

I don’t think there’s anything quite like a parent’s love. I often wondered what having two children would be like. Would they compete for attention? Would I be able to give them all the love and comfort they need? Would they be happy together?

We’re 19 months in and these two are the kindest, most amazing pair.

The Siblings Project

I’ve decided to join in once again with The Siblings Project, as I realised that my days are spent smiling but I don’t document our everyday enough. In fact, the last time I wrote something for the project was back when Ottilie was a few months old.

They’ve both grown and changed so much. Even in the last few days, weeks and months it feels like my two babies are changing into capable little kids. Oscar’s becoming more independent – learning, drawing, and exploring. Otti’s starting to use sounds and create words more, and she’s now walking like a champ. Their personalities are really blossoming too, and I love finding out who they’ll become.

This month we’ve been on a mission to explore the towns nearby a little more. To spend more time outdoors and walk a bit slower. To be more confident and try new things. To just sit in their room and play together. To spend a little longer reading those bedtime stories.

One of our favourite things to do together has been sitting at the kitchen table colouring, drawing and painting. I sit the kids down with a big sheet of paper, some colouring pencils and crayons, and let them create away 🎨 Otti’s not quite talking yet, but Oscar will sit and chat to her all the same. I can’t imagine how lovely it’ll be when they can talk together – all the sweet things they’ll say (and all the trouble they’ll cause!).

The Siblings Project

With so much going on at home and the daily routine (and the daily chores) sometimes we need a reminder to stop and enjoy the moments before they pass us by. This week I’ve picked up my camera more than ever since December, hoping to catch some of those little glances and smiles on camera. I love and appreciate them every day, but sometimes it takes sitting down, flicking through photos and writing about it to really bring it all home.

We’re so lucky to have our wonderful little family. Watching these two grow is such a pleasure ❤


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
What’s your highlight been for this month?

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