Ways To Make Shopping Trips Stress Free

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We all love nothing more than seeking out a real bargain but all too often, kids, errands, work, and well, life, gets in the way of a leisurely shopping trip out and instead you end up without the essentials you need and getting by as you are until you, a friend, or a partner can make it out to the shops for said desired items.

I’m lucky in that I’m outwardly mobile and healthy, and so parenting stress aside, I can usually find time to make it out to the shops when needed. However, the same can’t be said for several of my relatives and friends’ relatives who struggle with their mobility and use scooters or other walking aids to get around. I’d love for everyone to be able to spend more time together out and about (be that at the shops, outdoor attractions or just exploring new places), and this is why I’m supporting the Fenetic Wellbeing #StressFreeShopping campaign.

With the weather (slowly) turning and springtime just around the corner, Fenetic Wellbeing are promoting the support they can offer to individuals, parents and grandparents with mobility needs to help them experience easier and independent shopping experiences. Recent legislation and legal developments mean that more places than ever before are accessible to those using mobility scooters and other walking aids, so there’s less reason than ever to miss out on quality time spent together whilst out and about. Most large shopping stores and centres now offer their own mobility facilities alongside adhering to guidelines for wide aisles and trip hazards, and outdoor activity centres such as National Trust and English Heritage properties even have ‘off-road’ scooter trails at some locations for a real adventure for all the family! I’m looking forward to a spring and summer full of fun – and if you have less mobile friends or relatives, there’s lots of places you can explore with them too.

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