The Naptime Adventures

The Naptime Adventures - playing cars with Oscar while his sister naps

I feel like we’re really getting the hang of being a family of four these days. It’s hard when you’re so used to there being three of you, and your child being your world, then your second comes along and everything changes.

Things felt rocky for a while. Otti has always been a terrible sleeper – from those early colicy days, to battling silent reflux, then through teething troubles. I’ve got my fingers crossed but I think we’re out the other side. She’s not an amazing sleeper these days but she is doing a few all-nighters and she seems to be much happier for it. She’s not just sleeping better at night – we now have a baby who sometimes naps. I never thought she would, seriously. I don’t know what’s changed but these days our littlest is happy to sleep for 30mins to 2 hours in her cot during the day, and let me tell you this time is GOLDEN!

Most days I use the rare naptime to get on with housework. I’ll do the morning’s washing up, clear away after lunch or try and get through the pile of washing. Other days I steal some of the time for work and clear my inbox, write a blog post or just take some time out to be creative.

When I’ve got Oscar at home with me though and I’m parenting solo I love to spend this time with him.

The Naptime Adventures - playing cars with Oscar while his sister naps

Every day’s a little bit different, but nearly all of them feature cars. Until I had children I’d never realised just how much a child can love something. Oscar’s so fond of his car collection and vehicles in general. Some days I wish he’d take an interest in something, anything, else but if he wants to play pretend garages all day I’m happy.

We’ll set up in the living room and it becomes a playground. Today there’s building blocks all around from this morning’s play, plus a good few of his sister’s toys dotted around. We’ve got Blaze and the Monster Machines on the TV too, because he’s completely obsessed by it. We’ll sit down together – crouching and laying on the floor, driving tiny cars around at speed. He loves to tell me off if I’m speeding and I always let him win the races.

The Naptime Adventures - playing cars with Oscar while his sister naps

We try and make the most of naptime because it doesn’t always last very long. It’s one of the only downsides of having more than one child I think, having to divide your time between them and not getting as much quality time together as you used to. As I write this now I can hear his sister stirring and I know that’s the end of our naptime adventures for now. Still, there’s always tomorrow (well, Tuesday).

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