How To Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

5 Ways to Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

Our bedrooms are such an important space, even if we do mostly use them for sleeping. They’re our sanctuary, our escape from the world. The place we go to rest, to reflect and to refresh before another busy day. A place to lounge, enjoy a lie-in (I wish!) or laugh with the kids when they all pile in on a Sunday morning.

While they’re one of the most important spaces in our homes to get right, they’re often overlooked and the last to be finished. In fact we’ve never really decorated our bedroom since we moved in a couple of years ago, while all the other rooms have undergone a transformation. I’m hoping we’ll change that and redecorate our bedroom over the next few months so I thought I’d share some tips on ways to update your bedroom on a budget as part of Julian Charles’ #RenovateRedecorateInspire campaign.


Buy new bedding

This is one of the quickest and often most impactful ways of changing the way a bedroom looks. Who doesn’t love buying new bedding? In fact we had so many sets of bedding that I’ve reluctantly had to go through them all recently and recycle some… to make way for a new set!

Julian Charles have a great selection of bedding ranges – I love the ‘Delta’ collection and could see that working so well against soft, grey walls and a cosy carpet.


Get creative and make your own wall art

If I had more time I’d so be doing this for our living room and our bedroom. Using a free design software like Canva you could create your own graphics, prints, quotes and wall art to print out and frame. Seeing as our bedrooms are such personal spaces I love the idea of creating a print of a favourite quote or two and hanging it above the bed in a simple frame from IKEA

If you’re not creative or crafty head to Creative Market and browse their collections to help you DIY your own art, or support a small business and buy from a marketplace like Etsy.


Change the colour scheme with paint

Ah, paint! Such a simple but effective way of changing the look and feel of a room. At the moment most of our walls are painted in Dulux’s off-white Timeless, but I’m planning on redecorating our bedroom and re-painting them a soft grey. If you’ve got grey walls I’d love your paint colour suggestions!

Whether you go for a big change and a bold colour or a subtle swap, painting your bedroom can have a big impact on the way it looks and the atmosphere too. They say it’s good to keep your bedroom calm and relaxing but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with a bright colour if you love it.


Introduce some plants

We never used to have any plants until earlier this year, when we picked up two varieties of rubber plants from our local garden centre. They came home with us and I’ve loved them ever since. They make such an impact in the room – especially against a light wall.

Plants are a wonderful way to transform a room and there are lots with added health benefits too, like air purifying. It’s worth considering kids and pets though and doing some research before you buy to make sure they’re not toxic to your four-legged friends or too difficult to keep happy in your room conditions.

We have a rubber plant in our living room but I’m also fond of my tiny little Pilea Peperomioides – it’s so cute! 


Invest in some statement lighting

Have you ever noticed the way lighting can completely change the atmosphere in a room? From stark, cold, bright lights to a soft, yellow glow – there’s a huge variety in styles of lighting, bulbs, colours and fittings.

We recently changed the lampshades in our living room from an inexpensive paper style to an upward-facing shade from IKEA and for small change it made such a difference. The light now bounces softly towards the ceiling and there’s none of that annoying glare coming from the lighbulb being on show while you’re watching TV from the sofa.

I love the simple design of these floor lamps from Made and I’m tempted to pick one up for our bedroom renovation.


How would you redecorate?

I’d love to know your thoughts, ideas and tips for redecorating on a budget – leave me a comment below!


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Ideas and tips on how to update your bedroom on a budget


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