Inspiration For Using Mirrors In Your Garden

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When you think about updating your home’s décor with mirrors, you may search for a mirror to complete your living room feature wall or find the perfect free-standing mirror for your bedroom, but you probably don’t consider using them outdoors.

Using mirrors in the garden has become a big trend in recent years, and while this may not be the most conventional use, mirrors make a great addition to an outdoor space. Not convinced? Here are some great reasons to use mirrors in your garden.

Bring the Indoors Out

Bringing your home décor outside has been a popular design trend and it’s a great way to make your garden feel like an extension of your living space. Luxury patio furniture, cushions and fairy lights can make your garden warm and inviting, but mirrors can add an extra dimension, creating a space that feels purposely designed and homely. Plus, if you regularly host dinner parties or enjoy barbeques in the summer, mirrors can help to create a great entertaining space.

Create an Illusion of Space

Just as interior designers often use mirrors to reflect light and open small spaces in the home, mirrors can fulfil the same function in the garden. If you have a small garden or courtyard, mirrors can make the space feel bigger. To do this, position a table against a mirror on a wall or fence, hang opposite a gate to allude to further garden space, or use window mirrors to create the feel of extra light.

Break Up Dark Spaces

Most gardens are surrounded by fences, walls or rows of hedges, all of which can make an outdoor space feel smaller and more confined. Mirrors are a great way to break up these areas, which can often be dark and dull. You could install an outdoor mirror gallery wall – who says feature walls are just for interior décor? – or hang a series of full length mirrors to break up the space.

Show Your Style

You don’t dream about painting your home in magnolia, so why restrict your garden design? Your garden is a chance to show your style, so use mirrors to create a talking point. You could recover a table top with mirrors, use a mirror to create an interesting water feature, update your old plant pots, or even hang a mirror on a tree for a whimsical Alice in Wonderland effect.

Mirrors can make your garden feel like a more welcoming, relaxing and complete space. When using mirrors outside, make sure to choose mirrors that are weatherproof, and hang them safely to avoid impacting wildlife.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


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Inspiration on how to feature mirrors in your garden at home

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