Creating A Wildlife-Friendly Garden This Winter

Winter wildlife

In collaboration with Oeco Garden Rooms


Winter might be the time of year when we all use our gardens the least. It’s cold, windy and definitely not the weather for a BBQ or splash in the paddling pool. While we’re not using our gardens though others often are, and they can become a haven for wildlife this time of year.

If you’d like to make your garden a happy home for wildlife over Winter there’s lots you can do. Oeco Garden Rooms have created this really useful guide on different wildlife, when they’re active or hibernating, and what foods they can and can’t eat. Being aware of different animals’ needs and habits can go a long way when it comes to encouraging them to consider our gardens and outdoor spaces as somewhere they can come and feel safe.

Here’s the guide – and at the end there’s some tips on how to make your garden perfect for wildlife in Winter too:

How to create a garden that's perfect for wildlife with Oeco Garden Rooms - helpful infographic covering what different wildlife eat, their hibernation periods and how to make your garden a haven for wildlife


Did you learn anything new?

I hadn’t realised quite the variety in diets that different animals have – especially that hedgehogs can often eat small snakes and frogs! Something else that was great news was that letting your grass grow a little over Winter doesn’t have to make you feel guilty – if it’s been a while since it was mowed you can console yourself that you’re creating a great environment for small mammals instead.


Are you planning any changes to your garden this Winter?

We’re just about to move house and while I’m excited to have a garden, ours is more like a builder’s yard than a thriving oasis at the moment. We’re not planning on any big changes this Winter, but I’ll definitely be looking to create a better environment for us (and wildlife!) by the time next Winter comes around. I’d love to plant a tree or two – in fact we have an oak tree growing happily elsewhere that would be perfect.


Thank you to Oeco Garden Rooms for working with me on this post.

Photograph by Martin Kníže


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