How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom

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Creating a relaxing, calming bathroom space

Bathrooms are such important spaces. They’re where we start the day and end it, meaning they can actually have a huge effect on how we feel. A bathroom that’s dark, cold and cluttered can make starting the day well a challenge – on the other hand a minimal, bright and inviting space can encourage you to feel positive about the day ahead. I’m definitely affected by my environment, which is one of the reasons I think decluttering is so important.

I’ve made an effort recently to change my own morning routine and make relaxing easier at the end of the day. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. Simple things like storing products away in the cupboard so the space feels cleaner can reduce those little grumbles and complaints, and giving the bathroom a brighter, whiter colour on the walls makes it so much more calming.

Here are a few ideas for creating a relaxing bathroom


1. Brighten up your space

This is one of the biggest and most obvious changes you can make, but all it takes is a tin of paint, a brush and some patience. When we moved into our house the bathroom had pale blue walls. Combined with the damaged tiles and beige floor the room felt dull, uncared for and dark. It was the first room we painted and it made a big difference to how I felt about the space. Goodbye dull walls, hello bright, beautiful blank canvas.


2. Remove clutter (or hide things away!)

Clutter is unavoidable in the bathroom, especially if there’s not a lot of storage space available. I love a clean, minimal bathroom – not only does it make cleaning easier I find it has a positive effect on my wellbeing too. Less clutter = less distractions and less things to worry about. We’ve fallen into the trap of lining the bath side up with shampoo and shower gel, but hiding it away really does transform the space. If you’re short on space consider an under-sink storage cupboard (we have this one from Argos) or making use of corner shelving.


3. Have somewhere to soak

There’s something so relaxing about a good soak in the bath, isn’t there? A nice, hot bath with bubbles, a bath bomb or a bath soak can help calm and de-stress after a long day. I usually opt for a shower most mornings but I’m making a promise to myself to find more time for a relaxing bath. I know that sometimes a bath is a lovely idea but a realistic option for everyone, which is why these walk-in baths are a lovely idea – the comfort of a bath with the practicality of a shower.


4. Bring the outdoors in

I love a good indoor plant, and there’s something so appealing about creating a mini oasis inside the bathroom. The lush greenery and colour of plants or flowers is such a great contrast, especially against white walls and tiles, and definitely a calming influence. And if you don’t want the hassle of taking care of houseplants, there’s always the plastic variety!


How would you create a relaxing bathroom at home? 


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How to create a relaxing bathroom at home. My top tips for making your bathroom feel like a calm, relaxing space that you'll love to use.

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