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Nicola Says originally started as my online diary to document family life as a new parent. Since then we’ve added to our family, moved house, and our lives have changed.

These days the blog is home to my journey towards a happier life, an organised home and a more fulfilling work/life balance.

If you’re on a similar journey you might find my content on decluttering or how to find more time for your passions interesting.

I hope you’ll stick around and find something you enjoy.

Featured Post

Bed featuring a Leesa mattress, made up with cushions and a throw


A review of the Leesa mattress

…The biggest change in our room, and the one that’s made the most impact on how relaxing it is, has been our move to a Leesa mattress. It’s become the heart of our bedroom – a place to sleep, relax, read, and find calm in the busy world…

About The Blog

Nicola Says is a UK lifestyle blog dedicated to organised and happy family living.