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Ahh, bullet journals! Ever since I first caught sight of them I’ve marvelled at how they combine two of my favourite things – usefulness and creativity. These totally custom, DIY alternatives to a diary, planner or calendar are right up my street. If you’re anything like me I’ve always struggled to find a way of organising myself, my family and my work/blog in a way that works for how I think and the space I need, and a bullet journal’s the perfect answer.

I love looking at what other people are doing with their bullet journals, it’s totally inspiring. Want to track your water intake and keep track of how much fruit and veg you’re eating? Check. Need to chart your social media stats or monitor due dates for things you’re working on? Yep, totally do-able. Just want to plan out your days and weeks in a way that inspires you visually? Absolutely.

One of my favourite ways to collect inspiration for bullet journals is on Pinterest, and you can find my Bullet Journal board right here.

Through collecting inspiration on Pinterest and reading other blogs I’ve found a ton of resources, been motivated, and enjoyed reading about how others are transforming the way they live and work using a bullet journal. With this in mind I thought I’d share some of my favourite bloggers who bullet journal and why I think you should visit them.


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Milk and Nappies

If you have a blog and want to use a bullet journal to stay organised and motivated with it, look no further than Chantal at Milk and Nappies. Her blogger’s new year setup post is full of ideas and page layouts for tracking social media, lists of blogs you want to read, Instagram hashtags and more.

Bullet Journal Ideas - 50 bullet journal page ideas from Stacie at Parker and Me
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Parker and Me

As one of the people who introduced me to the idea of bullet journals, Stacie at Parker and Me is always one of my go-to favourites for inspiration and practical advice about starting and staying motivated to journal. If you’re looking for ideas on what you’d like to include in your bullet journal she has a great list of 50 bullet journal page ideas to run through.

Taming Twins

This quote from blogger and instagrammer Sarah couldn’t be more true when it comes to most things in life. It’s especially relevant for bullet journals though because we all know how daunting it can be trying out a new pen or making a mark on a fresh page. What’s great about a bullet journal though is that there’s always a new page on the other side, another opportunity to create a better version of the layout you’re trying to perfect or try something different entirely. That freedom’s so inspiring.

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Hannah Gale

I really liked this post by Hannah Gale on how to use a bullet journal. It’s full of ideas on how you could make the diary your own, from the very first to the last page, whether you’re using it for work, play, family, hobbies or a bit of everything.

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Lazy Thoughts

Megan at Lazy Thoughts has written a great post all about the things she wishes she’d known before starting a bullet journal. It’s a good read if you’re a total beginner like me and want a little insight into how to get started and a knockdown of some apprehensions you might have.

I Want You To Know

I love this post by Kristabel at I Want You To Know all about how to start a bullet journal if you’re a little bit disorganised. This is totally me – as much as I’d love to be organised I just can’t quite get there, so seeing it from someone else in similar shoes really helps.

Pushing The Moon

Catherine at Pushing The Moon shares a look inside her bullet journal, most recently her April set up. It’s always inspiring to see what people are actually using their journals for and finding ideas for ways you could introduce new themes into your own. In particular I love Catherine’s habit tracker, what a motivating way to track and celebrate reaching your goals.


I hope all these bloggers and Instagram accounts have you inspired to start or continue with your own bullet journal. If you write about bullet journals or share yours on Insta leave a message and a link in the comments so we can all go and enjoy :) 

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