My Recent Style & Beauty Favourites

Christmas Gift Guide 2017. Find the perfect gift for your best friend, mum, partner or loved one in my Christmas gift guide. Full of ideas from technology gifts to calendars to candles and makeup.

The last few months have marked a bit of a turning point for me. I’ve started to spend more time working out who I am, what I love and what I want to achieve.

Part of that has been trying to work out my personal style and learning how to work with my features when it comes to make up. Alongside making my home somewhere I love and enjoy, experimenting with my style and even just realising that I can have some kind of style has been so much fun.

These are some of my style and beauty favourites from the last month.

My November Style Favourites


1. The embellished shoes

I am SO in to ankle boots this Autumn (who isn’t?) but I found I was struggling for a shoe to wear with jeans that are an awkward length or for work when neither a boot or a trainer really works. Usually I head to Primark and pick up some bargain ballet flats but they’re ruined within weeks.

This time I decided to order a few pairs of shoes from Asos and these were the ones I kept – the Macadamia embellished flat shoes. They’re gorgeous, comfortable and so versatile – I’ve been pairing them with mom jeans, cigarette trousers for work and they’ve become my go-to for when an ankle boot won’t do. I love that they’re a bit more stand-out than my usual shoes too, making them perfect for dressing up an all-black outfit or for when I’m not feeling confident enough to wear something more daring.


2. The lilac jumper

Jumpers and sweatshirts are something I’d always avoided. I did have a sparkly number in my wardrobe from Christmas a few years back, but other than that it’s not a section I usually shop in. I always thought you needed to be slim and have a certain figure to ‘work’ a jumper, and I was so wrong – because you never have to look a certain way to rock anything.

It’s Autumn, the weather’s changing and we’re all reaching for something cosy to keep us warm. This lilac fluffy crew neck jumper from Asos is one of two jumpers I’m loving at the moment. It’s so soft, so easy to wear and the colour’s just so pretty – a lovely alternative to greys.


3. The grey sweater

Speaking of greys… the jumper pictured above from New Look is another of my favourites this season. It’s another really soft, really comfortable, super cosy item and one I’ve been wearing a lot. It works so well with jeans but it’s also something I bought with work style in mind (find my inspiration board here).

I can’t find the same one on the website unfortunately, but while I was there I did find at least three others I’d love to add to my collection: this one, this one and this one.


4. The dainty ring

Jewellery is an area that I don’t invest in enough so I’m trying to build up my collection. My daily jewellery usually includes a pair of studs in my ears and my much-loved Christmas present from last year (similar ring here), but beyond that it doesn’t really change.

One of the most recent purchases I’ve made is this rose gold plated twist ring from Asos. It’s so tiny, so beautiful and really easy to wear with anything and everything. I’ve already added a few more items to my wishlist and think after Christmas I’ll add to my collection, so if you have any affordable jewellery pieces you love let me know.


My November Beauty Favourites

Christmas Gift Guide 2017. Find the perfect gift for your best friend, mum, partner or loved one in my Christmas gift guide. Full of ideas from technology gifts to calendars to candles and makeup.

1. A dewy foundation

I picked up the Maybelline Dream Satin foundation* after watching a few YouTube videos which recommended it as great for dry skin and that dewy but not shiny look. I’d totally agree with their recommendations, and it’s become one of my favourite foundations. It’s easy to blend (especially with a Real Techniques sponge*) and the coverage suits me. I’d say it’s medium but you could build it up. I’m not a beauty expert but it gives my skin a smooth, even appearance and that’s just the kind of thing I’m after.


2. Defined brows

Let’s be honest here for a moment – my eyebrows are a mess. They’re overdue a wax and they’re way down my list of things to care about when I have five minutes spare. It’s something I’m trying to care more about though because the right eyebrows can make SUCH a difference to your face. I’ve taken the tweezers to my brows and started using the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil* (boy that’s a long name) and really love the results. I already liked their Archery pen/pencil combo but this gives a more defined look, and the gel isn’t crisping or drying which is a bonus.


3. A seasonal gloss

I’ve always struggled with finding the right lipstick or lipgloss, something that works for me instead of something that I’ve applied in a desperate hope to look put together. Now that we’re into the colder months I think it’s easier to wear something darker or a bit more bold, with berry colours always ‘on trend’ and easy to find in stores. I picked up this NYX Butter Gloss in Devils’ Food Cake as an impulse buy when I was in Boots picking up foundation and I love it. It’s a gloss so no need to worry about prepping your lips or dealing with dryness or lip liners, and it’s soft and buttery (who’d have thought?) on the lips. The staying power’s okay – it’s no 24hr lipstick – but I find myself re-applying any lip product regularly anyway so I don’t mind. The colour’s gorgeous and I’m thinking about trying more from the range after Christmas.


What are your November style and beauty favourites?

I’d love to be inspired by the products and clothes that have won their way into your wardrobe or heart. What are you loving this month?


* marks an affiliate link, where I’ll receive a small % if you decide to buy after clicking through. Thank you for your support! 

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