Fitness Gear To Invest In This Spring

Fitness gear to invest in this Spring

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The slightest glimpse of the sun and I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get outside and be more active. With Spring on its way I’m starting to think more about what I can do to improve my health and become fitter. There are so many activities, especially here in Devon, that it’s hard to choose!

An easy place to start is by simply heading outside and going for a walk or a jog. Whether it’s a walk around the neighbourhood or along the beach, walking’s so positive for the way you feel and your fitness.

While you can get outside and start getting fit or working on your wellness with just some clothes and some appropriate footwear, here are some ideas for fitness gear you might want to invest in this year.


Functional sports jacket by Engelbert Strauss

A comfortable jacket

It’s still breezy and can get cold in Spring, so for me a sporty functional jacket like this one from Engelbert Strauss is a must. It’s waterproof and windproof (so perfect for walking alongside those Devon cliffs!) and breathable too, so you won’t get too hot if the sun makes an appearance. I love how classic it looks in black, too.


A good sports bra

This is another must-have – especially for high-impact sports or if you like (or need) some extra support. My favourite sports bra is this one from Panache*, which I have in both black and grey (the grey’s my pick, it’s a lovely colour). It’s so comfortable, supportive and I love that you can wear it racer-back style for that extra bit of support.


An activity tracker

While I don’t own one myself yet, an activity tracker like this Fitbit Charge 2* is on my wishlist. My phone’s too big and heavy to carry around easily, especially if running, so a wearable tracker would help me keep track of distances, heart rate and other stats. I can see these being so useful if you’re working towards a goal or like to know more about your fitness levels. Again I love this in the black, but they do have a range of colour options too.


The right footwear

Wearing the right footwear makes such a difference – especially when it comes to sport and fitness. There are so many types of trainers that it can be hard to work out what to buy. There’s a great guide on the best gym trainers per workout by Women’s Health, or you could pop into your local sports retailer for some personal advice.


Comfortable active leggings

I’m a big lover of loungewear, but I often find myself walking around the house in gym leggings too as they’re so comfortable! They’re so easy to wear and you don’t have to spend a lot to find something good. I have a few pairs from F&F at Tesco and I love these palm print ones. It’s a shame they’re sold out online – I’m hoping I can find some in my local store.


What’s your favourite way to stay active?

Leave me a comment below – I love to be inspired by what you’re doing!


Featured photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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